I am Sonya! I am the girl with the mind that never sleeps. I find it very hard to remain idle; something is always cooking up in this little mind of mine. I dream big and I have always had big plans for life. This blog here is my baby so naturally I’m very passionate about it. I’m a blogger, educationist, nature and animal lover, crazy about home décor, LOVE music, I watch movies to stay sane, I believe that good books are as important as laughter in your life, I’m a big foodie, I absolutely love makeup, I love being out and about, crazy about photography, I love connecting with people, getting to know their stories, journey, pains and gains and everything that holds meaning in their lives. I’m a Mommy to three precious little children who literally brighten up my world. I love to talk and have all the time in the world to listen to others when they need an ear.

To me fashion is what I look best in, what suits me, what reflects my personality. I don’t follow trends just for the sake of it. I believe life needs to be lived, every moment must be cherished. It really is too short to be wasted. I believe delayed joy is needless.

Anything real in life is beautiful. Everything real is beautiful!


My inspiration comes from Workaholics, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Bloggers, Makeup artists, Musicians, Foodies, and all you creative peeps! People with purpose and vision.

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Not just that, I will also bring you interviews of awesome people, reviews on products, movies, restaurants, places and events. Parenting, home decor, good food, holiday ideas, personal care, activities, relationship advice, quotes, must-haves, and everything fun that you can think of! I collaborate with other writers/bloggers to bring you something fresh each month.

Thank you for visiting, reading and staying for a bit. Means the world to me!

Tons of love, 


P.S. I post regularly on Instagram and I think that the IG stories are awesome where you’ll find bits, pieces & daily snaps of my life.
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Ciao 😉


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Asma Badar says:

    And knowing u since birth I can comfortably say that your mom and dad were the most stylish and talented couple ever and u picked up the best out of them … so amused to read all this … stay blessed always

  2. Safa says:

    Dreamer who loves books, music, movies, foodie, makeup, fashion and photography😍 I think I already like you gorl subscribed 💜 good luck stAy blessed🙌🏻

  3. Angela N. says:

    Good luck to you with your blog! I also love interacting with and following creatives. I’m already following you on IG. Such a fab, fashionable mama. 🙂

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