7 Questions With Natasha Humera Ejaz

If you are from Islamabad then Natasha Humera Ejaz is a name that you can definitely relate to in many ways. She is a singer/songwriter from the capital with a voice so melodic, soothing and hauntingly beautiful, it takes you into a different world altogether. She stepped into the world of song writing at an early age of 15. She rocked the Radio stations as a Radio Jockey for both city FM 89 and 99 and man was she good! Not only her voice was Read More

Ramadan Chit Chat

Hello and AOA everyone!!!
Welcoming the month of Ramadan with excitement and fervour. I don’t know about you guys but somehow I have started looking forward to it more over the last few years and I feel all geared up for it this year too. Ali isn’t here this year so its just me fasting so that means I only have to prepare sehr and iftar for one person only and that is me. So obviously it doesn’t take much, I can just whip something up in no time and have Read More

Most Stunning Florals From A Better Florist

In Dubai’s life, there’s pretty much abundance of everything. There’s no shop, or store or a website that can’t give you what you need. And in this busy world, where businesses strive to get your attention so you will shop from them, I came across A Better Florist, the best flower delivery that you can find. This is a flower shop definitely incomparable to Read More

Coffee Break – Tour Of A Stunning Penthouse in Dubai

Hi my angels!!! I know I haven’t brought you something to read in this section for quiet some time now but today is the day. I was having my cup of coffee when I came across this article and boy did it make me feel old all of a sudden Read More

Fashion Staples 3/30 Your Perfect Jeans


When I say perfect jeans, I mean jeans that suits and flatters your body. Not every kind of jeans will be your thing but you must find that one pair as that would be your staple and go-to for most days Read More

And So It Happened…

This post is part of the section ”Conversation With Silence”. 
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And so it happened, I married this man that I had known only for four months. He proposed and I said yes, thinking he would be the man of my dreams. He made me dream of a life that I would never know. Read More

Corridor Wall Makeover

Hellllllloooooo!!!!!!!! How are you all!!! Super, super excited to share the corridor wall makeover with you today. This is long over due but I was dealing with a few things at my end. Anyway let’s dive right in. This wall was an eye sore for a very very long time because it was too plain and off white. I kept thinking of ways I could make it a bit appealing but I didn’t find anything that would work with the rest of the house as well. This I absolutely LOVE! I hope you guys like it too. It’s amazing what a little paint can do 🙂 Read More

March Favourites!

March is such a happy month. It brings the first signs of spring, beauty everywhere, the promise of summer and also spring/summer wardrobe. It is a season worth waiting for. Runways look absolutely gorgeous with all the latest that designers bring for the season. It’s always so much fun. Now I’m not going to throw the whole spring wardrobe in your face but I just wanted to introduce you to my March favs! Say Hello to Read More