Ramadan Chit Chat

Hello and AOA everyone!!!
Welcoming the month of Ramadan with excitement and fervour. I don’t know about you guys but somehow I have started looking forward to it more over the last few years and I feel all geared up for it this year too. Ali isn’t here this year so its just me fasting so that means I only have to prepare sehr and iftar for one person only and that is me. So obviously it doesn’t take much, I can just whip something up in no time and have Read More

Ramadan Iftar Recipe – Chilli Bites

It’s that time of the year when our tables are filled with the yummiest of food that is obviously very hard to resist because we don’t eat a thing all day and then dive right in and pounce upon whatever food item we can get our hands on, not to mention the amount of water, rooh afza, lemonade etc we consume. Also did I mention the never ending rants of over-eating and promising ourselves that no matter what I will not touch any food tomorrow (fried food specifically) and then that tomorrow never comes *winks* Yes!

Anyway we all have been there and we still want different things on our iftar tables everyday. Speaking of which i’m going to be sharing a few simple recipes with you all this month. I love food! I’m a big foodie and not just food, I love GOOD food and so does my hubby wubby! So since good food is a thing in my household, feel free to share recipes with me too.

Here we go!

I call them Chilli bites 😉 You can call them anything you like.

Here is what you’ll need:

Green Chillies (of course) big ones – not small
Gram flour
Chicken (boiled/fried and shredded or cut into small cubes)
Cheddar and mozzarella cheese
Oil for deep frying

Grate mozzarella and cheddar cheese together (you can also pick only one if you want). Set aside. Prepare chicken and set aside. By preparing I mean that you can either boil the chicken or you can fry it using a bit of garlic paste as it would enhance the flavour. The other option is that you raid your fridge and look for some left over chicken, shred it and use it.
Slit open Green chillies and remove the seeds. Fill em up with chicken and loads of cheese.  Take gram flour (also known as besan), mix it with water, now make sure that it’s not dripping, since the green chillies have to  be coated well with this batter, so the consistency should be according to that, on the thicker side that is.

Place the wok on medium flame and once the oil is hot, you can start deep frying the well coated green chillies. I have made these many times and I absolutely love them. Try this when you make your regular pakoras, once a week is certainly a treat at iftar time.

Bon Appetite! 🙂

Ramadan Chit Chat

Ramadan is here and I’m really excited this year. I wasn’t able to fast last year as I was expecting my little boy but this year I’m ready to embrace the month with all its blessings and goodness. Somehow just knowing that satan won’t be getting in the way for 30 days really get’s you going, or at least that makes me feel great. On other days we conveniently blame him for everything that we don’t do right, myself included. So let’s make the most of it. Let’s pray, learn to be more humble, practice patience, abstinence and self-restraint. It’s also seen as a way to spiritually and physically detoxify by kicking impulses like caffeine, smoking and snacking (mostly unnecessarily in my case, that explains my weight). It is a beautiful time to detach from worldly pleasures, and focus on our prayers.


Ramadan has started,of course, here in UAE and it was the second day today. I’m getting more time to really focus on my prayers this year but at the same time i’m also trying to ignore the fact that i’m the only one in the house fasting here as my hubby wubby is away. My little ones do keep me super duper busy as always but I feel like i could use some company 😛 so maybe it would be nice if he could return soon. The first day was nice as i didn’t have to prepare iftar as I got invited over at our relatives, second day was more hectic with kids being extra hyper and me fasting and not able to concentrate on anything (i’m sure many of you are feeling the same).

Also did i mention that my beloved fridge decided to ditch me a couple of days back which means that I have no fridge these days and it’s just adding to my misery here as I have no place to keep my food TA-DA!

So anyway wish you all tons of blessings, joy, peace and love this month. May you enjoy your iftar and suhoor as much as you enjoy praying and connecting or reconnecting with Almighty. May this month bring you everything that your heart desires and everything that is meant for you.

(Picture courtesy @rubab_artist. You will find her on instagram. She is super talented. This image has become my Ramadan favorite! )

Happy Ramadan folks! Enjoy the pakoras! 🙂