Being a parent

Parenting isn’t is the hardest but the most rewarding, the most beautiful experience of our lives. It comes with the most insane unexpected challenges as well as moments that literally fill our hearts with so much emotion and happiness that it seems unreal.

I’m Sonya and I’m a Mom of three wonderful children. I had my first kid when I was 25..My eldest is 6, younger than her is 2 and a half and the youngest just turned 1 yesterday. That makes it two girls and one boy. If I could sum up my life in a few words. I would say my life is beautiful! and it’s beautiful because of these three amazing little humans in my life.

I’m literally on a roller coaster every single day of my life and I’m sure many of you can relate to it. In the middle of waking them up, preparing breakfast, packing lunch boxes, sending one to school, keeping the other two entertained at home, getting the house cleaned up, making lunch, getting the laundry out of the way, ironing, putting the little one to sleep like almost 5 times a day, changing pampers, washing bottles, dealing with tantrums, sibling fights, guests, evening activities, story times, homework, cartoon time, showers, fixing cupboards, doing the dishes, making dinner, wiping tears, healing the bruises, giving lots of hugs throughout the day, making beds, keeping things around the house organized at all times, grocery, let’s not forget the criticism we get from everywhere and countless other things that I can’t even think of right now because by the time I’m done I feel like my brain has stopped working. This is the life of a Mom..that’s just how it is. No I’m not a perfect pinterest Mom, I’m a regular Mom who is on the verge of tears at least once a day but still puts a huge smile on her face and moves on embracing the beauty of it because hey! that’s what real parenting feels like. Would I change anything about it? No! I love my kids sooooo much that its impossible to explain.

It’s A LOT of hard is also A LOT of fun!! I mean would you want to miss even a single smile or giggle or mischief or anything at all that comes with the whole parenting package. My 2nd born asks 1 question like 50 times a day but what can I say..its clearly too important for that little human in my life 🙂

Once you reach that point where you feel like you totally messed up something..try talking to people who really can have a heart to heart. You need people in your lives who can listen, understand and then give you just the right boost to move on feeling better than ever. There is too much negativity in the world and parenting needs to be left out of it. You haven’t failed as a parent, it can be overwhelming at times..failure, success and the art of not failing are three separate things and we have the right to acknowledge them as separate entities. Failure is if my kids are in bed wondering if I love them.

You’re not failing if you’re 15 minutes late to school.
You’re not failing if you had cereal for dinner Or if you felt like you needed to run away..there will be days when you will wonder if you’re even cut out for parenting. It’s not success, but, it sure isn’t failure.  It’s human and it’s ok. There is no such thing as perfect parents, so just be a real one. There are all kinds of parents in the world but there is no such thing as a bad parent. Let’s stop being so judgmental. Let parents be!

At least 10 times a day, I wonder what I’m doing wrong and completely disregard everything I’ve done right but then again that one thing that I did right overshadows everything else and helps me sleep peacefully…by the way isn’t it beautiful just watching the little ones sleep 🙂


Parenting truly brings out the best in us. As they say until you’ve wiped a tiny butt clean, you wouldn’t know what love is. So if any of you is feeling a little low today, fess up. Take a 15 minute break and then carry on being a parent. If you need to talk I’m here 🙂




International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It was originally called International working women’s day. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Once again it’s that time of the year when we celebrate women around the world. Once again we will pick a few celebrities and famous people, talk about their big achievements and what not. Agreed! Of course they have worked very hard to get where they are today but I want to take this day and talk about women around the world who are neither celebrities nor celebrated. Let’s talk about women who are ordinary yet so extraordinary that it’s rather difficult to put them into words for words shall not do justice to their essence and substance. Women who are part of our lives yet remain invisible, their struggles and achievements remain concealed from the world, and all they have is a smile on their face. Their souls are tattered yet they stand tall with composure and strength.

Let’s talk about women who give us birth and spend each second of their lives ensuring that we get the best of what life has to offer. Women who live for us, who die thinking of us. Let’s talk about women who leave the comfort and safety of their parents home to enter a world unknown, a world where she entrusts herself to another man and agrees to devote the rest of her life to building a home with him. A life which requires her to change everything about her to become part of someone else’s world. A life which requires a lifetime of sacrifices, heartbreak, joy, laughter, struggles, rejection, acceptance, good times, bad times…and everything that comes with it. Let’s talk about how they choose to live despite having their hearts broken over and over again. Let’s talk about women who stand up for what’s right!
Let’s talk about small yet important things that women manage on an everyday basis that you may not pay too much attention to until you try calming 2 crying toddlers, making dinner and explaining the particulars of a newly-acquired client to your boss over the phone at the same time. This may sound ridiculously hard to pull off, but this is something thousands of women pull off every day, something that should be deeply appreciated and something that nobody should take for granted.Let’s talk about single moms who smoothly play the role of both parents making their children their top priority and work towards giving them extraordinary lives. Let’s talk about women who suffer at the hands of this vicious society and their unnerving rules. Let’s talk about daughters who stand by us, try really hard to achieve small goals to make us proud. Daughters who would do anything to see us smile. Let’s talk about women who remain gentle and kind no matter what life puts them through.


Who are women when they are not dressed in their corporate best? Mother, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends and fiancées…what would we ever do without them? Nobody can honestly say we don’t owe an enormous amount to the women in our lives, from the mothers who made us chicken soup when we were sick as children, to the sisters who helped us decide what to wear on our first date, to the wives who somehow manage to juggle both a career and a family, never missing a beat. Women’s Day is all about celebrating these incredible people and showing them how much we love, respect and value them.

It’s time you tell the women in your lives how amazing they are and what they mean to you. No matter how strong they seem, they are fragile from within. Love them. Cherish them. Stand by them! Be the reason they smile! Treat them right!

WOW floor circle-straight

Also I would like to take this day and talk about men who lift their women higher because they value them, they treat them right and love seeing them happy. Who were raised right by strong women and stand for what’s right. Who don’t feel insecure because of their achievements.  Men who are the reason behind a woman’s genuine smile! Hats off to you men be it fathers, husbands, sons, brothers or friends.
Happy Women’s Day everyone!


|Faces| Birthday Boy – Chris Martin


Chris Martin- The heart throb from the much loved band Coldplay, celebrated his 40th Birthday this month on the 2nd of March . His gorgeous ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow sent out a beautiful birthday wish for him on Instagram in a gorgeous, happy family photo.


His great music, the videos and his warm smile never fail to brighten up a bad day. Watching Coldplay perform live is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list and for good reasons of course. A Coldplay concert is not something to be missed out on.
His songs are unforgettable. From Yellow to Paradise, Fix you to A Sky full of stars, Scientist to Hymn for the weekend, Clocks to A Head full of dreams… we love each and everyone of them!

a33281_s400article-2598941-1CE84C2C00000578-849_634x356Chris-Martin-of-Coldplay-2015-iheartradio-concert-billboard-650coldplay-4Coldplay-573x360maxresdefault (1)maxresdefaultPictures-Videos-Coldplay-Sky-Full-Stars-Film-Clip-Newtownrs-219362-AHFOD-Press-Photo-3-Credit-Julia-Kennedy-1


He says he loves his fans no matter what they do or they say. He is down to earth and humble despite his fame, success and many awards.


We will always love Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin even though they are not together anymore but hey it’s all part of life.

 His music still continues to bring magic to our lives.



The Day Of Love!


Now that the day is over…I couldn’t help but think about all those people who are anti-love, anti-celebrations, and anti-valentine’s! Well I know there are too many of you out there. Let’s not get into the debate of right and wrong, let’s not get into the religion factor..let’s talk in general..because in general we do so many things on a daily basis that our culture, religion or ethos do not allow but we do it anyway, but when it comes to valentine’s we don’t mind raising an eyebrow. But anyway this is getting serious, and I want to keep this light 🙂

To those who notice all the heart shaped balloons adorning the streets and markets.

To those who can’t help but notice that Oh it’s valentine’s day after 3 days

To those who make fun of people carrying flowers for their loved ones

To those who sit in front of their television screens, laughing hysterically at the corny valentine’s transmission specifically comedies.
(mixed feelings be or not to be…)


To those who bring home chocolates, perfumes and flowers for their wives so they wouldn’t complain but also declare that they don’t believe in all this.


To those who find themselves singing romantic songs (or humming quietly to themselves) throughout the day because whether they like it or not they are part of this. I know you secretly love watching romantic movies, and cry when no one is watching…
p.s.your secret is safe with me sssshhhh..!

To those who went out with their friends and celebrated being single. (like a boss)(well done!)

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To those who didn’t even bother wishing each other 😛

To those who frowned all day because….*gasp* it’s so wrong, I’m assuming you hate people who celebrate anything at all.


To those who thought that it’s a day of love and surprised their parents with a cake and gift, telling them that they love them. (You guys rock. Way to go!)


To those who say that this is rubbish, when you are with someone, everyday is valentine’s day ( really? do you buy candies, teddies, flowers, gifts for them everyday, or do you take them out to a candle light dinner every night, or do you plan something special) No right? There is no harm in going all out for only one day.

And to all those who took advantage of the great sales and deals at all big stores 😉 (smart move)

It doesn’t matter why is this day being celebrated, in what part of the world, for what reason..what matters is that you made someone feel special for that one day, sharing love and actually expressing it won’t do you no harm. This day is merely an excuse for most to tell their significant other that they care more than they let on. If someone bought heart-shaped balloons today, maybe they succeeded in bringing a smile to someone’s lonely days..if they bought flowers, chocolates and perfumes, maybe they don’t mind making someone feel special..if they went out for a romantic dinner, maybe they like celebrating little things in life..if someone posted on facebook about their wives making a special dinner for them, maybe they treasure them beyond what you can imagine and accept, maybe they feel fortunate to have good life partners..

Be the reason behind someone’s smile..Be the reason they look at themselves in the mirror and feel fortunate to have someone love them the way they do…be the reason they sleep peacefully at night knowing they have someone watching over them.
Be that person! Live and Let Live! Cheers!


Daddy-Daughter Duo… Dave Crosby & Claire Ryann

I’m sure by now you have probably seen the disney-inspired daddy-daughter duo videos going viral on Facebook and Youtube. This duo is not very easy to forget, they will stay on your mind long after you’ve seen and heard them. The videos have such a tender simplicity, the ability for the Dad to create a moment with his daughter and to share it with the world is nothing short of beautiful.The way he only has eyes for his princess, the way he softens his voice to allow her to dominate in all its sweetness…It’s magical!

The little angel has such an incredible control over her voice that it gave us chills.It gave us goosebumps and got us really teary eyed. Hats off to the handsome Dad who saw her potential and shared it with the world by giving it just the right lift that she needed at such a tender age. Her innocence has been preserved in all her videos..we don’t see her trying to be a glamazon like many other videos we have come across. Well done parents of Claire Ryann!

Dave Crosby is an incredible singer, he has his own Youtube channel : Crosby 
You have to listen to his songs, he is an amazing singer.Music isn’t his full-time job but he has done a few big corporate music projects and he is coming up with some great songs this March. He has also done some applaud able covers. Subscribe to his channel for more.

Here is one his masterpieces

Coming to Claire Ryann. This little girl with such a strikingly beautiful and innocent face that is unforgettable, and a talent like that just adds a cherry on top.

Claire and Dad have done some amazing videos together.
Dave says “Claire learned to talk at a super young age and we noticed really early on that she could carry a pitch. I remember some time after her first birthday, she was slamming her hands on our little keyboard in the living room. She started hitting the same note over and over, and then she began to sing the exact same note. I was sure at that moment that she was going to be able to sing.

This led to an obsession with Disney songs. It started with Frozen, but we also introduced her to some of the classics: she absolutely fell in love with The Little Mermaid when we showed it to her. We bought “Part of Your World”  for her and she would request it whenever we drove around in the car. Pretty soon, she was singing the entire song word for word everywhere.

One day, I was getting an oil change and while I was paying, [Claire] suddenly burst out into the Little Mermaid song, walking around the waiting area and being so dramatic. It made everyone in the waiting room laugh and people were pulling out their cell phones and recording it. That gave me the idea to put a video on YouTube. A few months later, during Christmas break, we finally made our first video to the song from Little Mermaid.”

You can find all their videos on their Youtube channel called Claire and the Crosbys.
We put together some of our favorites for you. Here you go:

Signing off

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn’t love chocolate mousse? I absolutely love it and so does my family. Today I thought of sharing my own tried and tested chocolate mousse recipe with you all. Do try and let me know what you think 🙂


Cream 2 packs (200ml)
Eggs 4
Butter  75 grams
Cocoa powder 50 grams
Sugar to taste

Melt butter over a double boiler, add cocoa powder and mix well. Set aside.
Beat cream in a bowl till smooth and fluffy. Set aside
Separate the egg whites and yolk and beat them well. Then add the beaten egg yolks into the melted butter and cocoa powder and gently fold. Take ground sugar and add in it.
Fold the beaten whites into the cream.
Now gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cream, be careful not to use the beater or whisk, this has to be gently folded till all the ingredients blend together.
Leave it in the fridge over night and let it set. Enjoy the recipe and let me know if tasted alright. 🙂


You can put chocolate chips, chocolate flakes or shavings, walnuts, crushed kitkat, a cherry or anything you like on top of your mousse. You can even layer it with sponge cake and cream as well. It’s simple yet delicious!

  As they say 😉 


Signing off

Sonya Ali

Fashion police: Black

When we talk about the colour “Black”,

All we know is that it’s arguably the most loved colour in fashion.



The colour Black never goes out of fashion. I bet you and I have never met any person who doesn’t like the colour black, I mean who would dislike such a graceful colour, No?

From night time events to day time events, From oldies to youngsters, From dark skinned to fair skinned, From fat to skinny, From tall to short, Everyone loves wearing black. Have you ever thought why the colour black suits mostly everyone?

The colour black has it’s own grace unlike any other colour. If you’re wearing black, It shows sophistication in your personality. Infact it’s a very powerful colour. It has it’s ability to make you look slim and make anything look chic. One never looks under/over-dressed in black.

Head-to-toe black is the easiest and and chicest way to get dressed. A black leather jacket with a pair of black jeans and black boots, A black hoodie with black sweat pants, A black dress with black tights and heels, A black coat or a blazer with a black skirt, A black hat or black nails, Even black hair would suit every skin tone. Ah, I could go on and on.. So whether its a dinner date or a party, never hesitate to wear black at any kind of event.


Here’s what the famous designers all over the world have to say about the colour black;
– “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior

– “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel

– “I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” — Yves Saint Laurent

By Farwa Hussain

Let’s introduce you to our food expert!

Hey my angels! The Autumn season just flew by. We have already stepped into winters and the best way to enjoy this season is to treat yourselves to mouthwatering food. I believe food should always be served steaming hot. Which brings us to an introduction of course.




From this month on wards we bring you Ms.Anum Sohail who is a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful daughters. She is passionate about food and loves cooking. She is known amongst her friends for bringing out flavor be it cooking or baking. She loves experimenting with ingredients, being as innovative and creative as possible.

15135960_10154543466280664_2233793133120082958_nShe is joining our team and will bring you stunning dishes and recipes you would want to try at home. Be sure to watch out this space for more.