Lucky Fridge Got Another Makeover!

Hey everyone!! If you know me well by now, you should know that I make changes here & there very frequently and all those of you who follow me on Instagram saw in my stories that I gave my beloved fridge another much needed makeover. So in this post I’m bringing you details of that. Read More

Corridor Wall Makeover

Hellllllloooooo!!!!!!!! How are you all!!! Super, super excited to share the corridor wall makeover with you today. This is long over due but I was dealing with a few things at my end. Anyway let’s dive right in. This wall was an eye sore for a very very long time because it was too plain and off white. I kept thinking of ways I could make it a bit appealing but I didn’t find anything that would work with the rest of the house as well. This I absolutely LOVE! I hope you guys like it too. It’s amazing what a little paint can do 🙂 Read More

Awkward Things That Can Happen At Grocery Stores


Not sure how you feel about life, but it can be very tricky at times…or maybe most days.. imagine you leave the house to goto the grocery store to buy eggs and end up scanning the store trying to recall why you got your rotten self out of the house in the first place. Happens, trust me! and on those days, you also end up making a list of chores Read More

Coffee Break – Big Ideas, Tiny Spaces

I love decorating and redecorating. I love homes and everything about them. Doesn’t matter if they are big or’s about how warm and inviting any space is. It’s about the way heart and soul has been put into it. I was just sipping on my coffee when I came across this. It’s a little flat, very small infact but caters to all your needs. Also it is situated in a very expensive neighbourhood. This one is not all that warm and inviting for me, not my taste at all but could be a good home if either you are single or just a couple.
Take a look.

This one is so creatively done and gives you such a great open feeling. It allows so much light into your house. It looks beautiful and clean while giving you everything that you could possibly need in a small house of your own.


This one speaks for itself. If this was my house, I wouldn’t place the shelf behind the sofa but everything else is beautiful or maybe instead of the ottoman I would’ve gotten a sectional sofa with storage. That would’ve given so much more space and open feel to the living room. Check it out.


ANNNNNNDDDDD this one’s worth a standing ovation. So so cool!
Get your fresh cup of tea/coffee ready and come back to it.
School Bus converted to incredible off-grid home. This one you have to see!


This guy’s a genius. He calls it the lego-style apartment and for obvious reasons. I only wish his shower was not so open, the rest is pure genius.

As they say, there is no place like home.





Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are magical. They are perfect to add and create a little magic of your own. Gone are the days when decorative lights were used only for birthday parties and weddings. There are so many different kinds of lights available in the market that its unreal and all the more beautiful at the same time. Dim lights are just the thing for me. I’m obsessed with lamps and basically warm light (I hate white light). Warm lights were a huge part of my Dad’s home so that is kinda embedded into my memory and soul. Warmth of any kind is beautiful isn’t it?!

Moving on let’s talk about ways to use fairy lights to add a little magic to any space. I for one use fairy lights in different parts of my house. I have them in the kitchen, in my daughter’s room and out on the balcony as well.

The one’s on the balcony are star shaped solar lights which I either leave on the artificial grass (can’t grow grass on the balcony now can I, so obviously that was the best alternative as I really wanted a nice green spot in the house) or I hang them on the plants which gives a nice effect as well.

Dressing Table


If you have colored decorative lights that you probably got for a birthday and now have them stashed somewhere in the store room or some box. Take them out and put them up on your dressing table. I put them up on my daughter’s dressing table and they add just the right touch to the room.


If you have plain fairy lights they can work really well too.

String Light Jars


Put strings lights in a jar and create gorgeous little lamps that can be placed anywhere at all.

Black or white board


Put the lights around frames or chalk boards. I have a  chalk board in my kitchen which helps me stay organized. I list down whatever chores I have to get done or whatever I need to remind myself of, its super helpful. The back side is white which can be used with a board marker of course but I love the chalk board more.



If you have drapes in your room, you could add lights and make them look even lovelier. Trust me they will look really dreamy and magical.

Light Wall


Create a little wall out of lights outdoors. It would be perfect for garden parties, Bbq parties or even just to add some glamour to dull outdoor areas. Balconies also look stunning with these lights.

Bed Frames

Wrap them around your bed frame for that gorgeous dreamy effect or hang them over the bed frame.

Display pictures

Put these lights on a focal wall in your house where you would want to display your memorable photographs. The wire of the fairy lights make the perfect way to display your favorite photos. Get a little creative, there is always more than one way of displaying photos, the lights would just add a bit of magical touch to your memories.


I have my mind set on using a little more of these on the balcony outside my room. So all you lovely people out there, do let me know what you think of these ideas and also leave your own so that together we can create a little more magic.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Weekend Chit Chat

Hey everyone! Hope Ramadan is going well for you all. I have not really been MIA just crazy busy with my little ones and home. Gosh we don’t realize how much of an effort goes into our days and nights. It’s only when you get time to be by yourself and really breath, is when you get to ponder over the fact that it’s a lot of work. So all the people out there, men or women, who take out so much of their time to be with their families and do anything and everything to make them happy, Hats off to US! 🙂 I do however try to stay active on Instagram so that I stay connected with you all. For those of you who are not on my Instagram can follow me, my ID is  sonyalee1. Let’s connect! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know yet, the official page for Wings & Strokes is You can find Wings and Strokes on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube.

Moving on let’s talk about the weekend. Ramadan has us all busy here, but I do have to point out that it relieves us of the daily task of preparing lunch for the family. I still have to prepare something for the kids of course.

This weekend has been extremely lazy, I fell very sick and that drained me of the much needed energy. Still managed to take the kids out for a bit, they deserve a break as much as we adults do. Found some really neat things for the house (i’m obsessed with my home and home decor) you can easily call me The Desperate Housewife, most of my friends call me that. Watched a great movie with my kiddies, it’s not something new but definitely worth it. It’s called Game Plan. It’s super cute and my older one loved it. The Rock really does justice to his character and I adorrrrrrred him in this one. Parenting is indeed the most beautiful thing on earth. I feel fortunate to have been blessed with wonderful children who make my world beautiful and my life worth living. I hope and pray that I can help them become worthy people as they grow up.

Also I wanted to tell you that I am starting a new section in the blog talking about everything related to ‘Home‘. Really excited about that. I spend most of my time at home with my children. I have been working from home as well. As this is the place where I spend most of my time, I find myself doing something or the other throughout the day. This is something I’m very passionate about so expect a lot of home related posts. (Like seriously)

Big question for you all. I know most of you open W&S on your phones but I wonder if you have had the chance to open it on your desktops or laptops? Do try it once, and let me know what you think of the layout of the blog. I think you might just like it more, I prefer to open it on laptop (self obsession, yesss).  So the weekend ends here in UAE tomorrow and begins in most parts of the world. What are your plans? I plan to lose weight lol but then again that’s what I plan everyday 😉

Some of my friends want me to put my name on the posts which I never do as I didn’t really want this to be about me but I feel that it’s good to connect, it’s “time” to connect! I have been blogging for two years now, Wings & Strokes is two years old, I have neatly kept my name out of it for this long and spoken about people and things that inspire me. Even though I don’t post regularly these days but I promise to fix that so we get to know each other more. Thank you for visiting, reading and staying for a bit. Means the world to me!

Enjoy the weekend!