Food Talk- Chicken Cheese Balls

Chicken cheese balls are always a sure winner at high teas and iftar tables. Now that we have reached the last week of Ramadan, it’s time for you to invite people that you haven’t yet given a taste of your delectable homechef skills. One of those scrumptious food items should be the chicken cheese balls. Trust me you can never go wrong with these. They will be a sure hit with kids and elders alike. And the best part is that they are super duper easy to make. So get hold of your notepads and jot down the ingredients

Here is what you’ll need:

Chicken mince 1/2 kg
Dried parsley 1tsp
Garlic powder 1tsp
Onion powder 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder 1/4 tsp
Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp
Butter 3 tbsp
Egg 1

Mix all of the above and set aside.

Now let’s take a look at what goes inside, this is what you’ll need for the filling
Mozzarella cheese – grated or cut into cubes
Pinch of black pepper powder

Outer coating:
All purpose flour 1 cup
Egg white 3
Bread crumbs 1 cup

Now that your chicken mince is ready and your cheese is grated (or cut into cubes) its time to make your chicken cheese balls. Take a small amount of chicken mince in your hands, flatten it and put a little amount of mozzarella cheese in the center, now roll it over the cheese and make small balls. Now one by one start dipping the balls into flour, egg, then flour, egg again and finally give it a good coating with crumbs.
Once you are done with this process you either fry them immediately or keep them in the freezer for a bit before frying (recommended). That way chicken balls won’t break while frying.
Of course these have to be deep fried till golden brown and served hot.
Serve them with ketchup or any other dip of choice.

You can make these balls and freeze them for later use. Just take a few out, deep fry till golden brown and you are good to go. These yummy things taste heavenly and are a treat for your tase buds. Remember me when you make these 🙂

Vegetarians can replace chicken with potatoes and make potato cheese balls which are as delicious as this. My kids love potatoes so its a win win for me 🙂

Signing off
Sonya Ali

Exotic Chicken Sandwiches

A sandwich is something which can be diversified into such beautiful looking food that it gets hard to resist the temptation of picking it up from the platter and taking a considerable bite. Sandwiches are healthy, nutritious, can be used on various occasions, can be carried around while walking, can be eaten during driving a car (not that i’m suggesting in anyway that you do just that), are perfect for picnics, traveling, lunch boxes, lavish high tea parties and what not! We all LOVE sandwiches. While there are so many different ways of making an awesome sandwich, so many different kinds of breads and buns to choose we bring you a recipe from one of our food experts Anum Sohail, who knows just how to bring out the right flavours in her gorgeous, well kept kitchen. So without further adieu, let me give you her mouth watering recipe.
Men, if you want to give your women a day off from cooking, you should definitely try this and surprise her this women’s day!

Prep the Chicken, you will need: 
Chicken 1 kg boneless
Garlic cloves 5 or 6
Chinese salt 1/2 tsp
Chilli flakes 1/2 tsp
Chilli Sauce 1 tsp
White Vinegar 2 tsp
White pepper 1/4 tsp
Oregano 1 tsp

Now move onto a nice tantalizing sauce, here is what you’ll need:
Egg 1
Garlic Clove 1
Green Chilli 1
Sugar 1/4 tsp
Chinese Salt 1/4 tsp
Black pepper 1/4 tsp
White vinegar 1 and 1/2 tsp
Oil 1 cup

Cheddar cheese
Ice berg
Cucumber thinly sliced
Green olives

Saute garlic cloves in oil and add chicken. Fry a little and add chinese salt, black pepper, chilli sauce, white vinegar,white pepper,chilli flakes and cook well. Once chicken feels nice and tender, add oregano, stir and leave aside.
Moving onto sauce, in a blender add egg, green chilli, vinegar, chinese salt, black pepper, sugar, garlic clove and blend well. Now very slowly start adding oil into it and let it blend till it thickens. Turn off the blender, set aside.

Take a pan and lightly grease with butter, put the bread slices (you can choose your own type of bread), on the pan till you get a very light golden colour. Now your bread is ready for the rest of the ingredients and filling. Put a generous amount of your prepared sauce, chicken and cheddar cheese on the slices. Add a layer of cucumber, olives and iceberg salad leaves and TA-Da! Your sandwiches are ready! While you are busy making sandwiches, make sure you get your french fries in the fryer to complete the fun of eating sandwiches.


Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn’t love chocolate mousse? I absolutely love it and so does my family. Today I thought of sharing my own tried and tested chocolate mousse recipe with you all. Do try and let me know what you think 🙂


Cream 2 packs (200ml)
Eggs 4
Butter  75 grams
Cocoa powder 50 grams
Sugar to taste

Melt butter over a double boiler, add cocoa powder and mix well. Set aside.
Beat cream in a bowl till smooth and fluffy. Set aside
Separate the egg whites and yolk and beat them well. Then add the beaten egg yolks into the melted butter and cocoa powder and gently fold. Take ground sugar and add in it.
Fold the beaten whites into the cream.
Now gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cream, be careful not to use the beater or whisk, this has to be gently folded till all the ingredients blend together.
Leave it in the fridge over night and let it set. Enjoy the recipe and let me know if tasted alright. 🙂


You can put chocolate chips, chocolate flakes or shavings, walnuts, crushed kitkat, a cherry or anything you like on top of your mousse. You can even layer it with sponge cake and cream as well. It’s simple yet delicious!

  As they say 😉 


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Sonya Ali

Let’s talk about food! ~ Texas Road House


Yo Foodies! If you come to Dubai for vacations and don’t try the mouthwatering, lip-smacking, scrumptious food from The Texas Road House then you have wasted your money and not given your taste buds the tantalizing treat that they rightly deserve.
Let me walk you through my experience, It was a day at the Dubai Mall with my two beautiful kids, shopping, scanning the shops, looking for great deals, well don’t we always…but just as we were walking past a few restaurants, we couldn’t ignore this amazing whiff of food that was so inviting that we stopped right there to find out where it was coming from…so yes ladies and gentlemen, it was none other than the Texas Road House. We usually look at the menu before entering a restaurant to know if we’d be interested in eating there but that day we walked straight in 😉


The décor is definitely inviting, makes you feel like a cowboy/cowgirl really, ready to take the bull by its horns 😉 Different cuts of unbelievably beautiful raw steaks are on display. That of course is just the beginning of your experience. The music is well suited to the name and ambience.


Coming to the food, this place has a lot to offer, You are served a bucket of fresh peanuts while you decide what you want to eat followed by hot buns with butter (trust me you can’t resist them either). They offer a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, hand-cut steaks, ribs, country diners, seafood, burgers and sandwiches, drinks, sides, desserts and of course kids meals. What’s not to love!


Everything was great, so delicious. Steaks are exactly what you would expect, good meat, cooked perfectly, juicy, good sides, mash served with a gravy, plenty of it and to top it off the waiters, every 15 mins, do a line dance !!! Soft drinks refilled free of charge.  Must visit if you are a meat lover!


I would give this place 10/10


Open Hours

Sunday11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Monday11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Tuesday11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Wednesday11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Thursday11:00 am – 12:00 am

Friday11:00 am – 12:00 am

Saturday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm


Let us know what you think!  🙂 Ciao!