Fashion Staples 3/30 Your Perfect Jeans


When I say perfect jeans, I mean jeans that suits and flatters your body. Not every kind of jeans will be your thing but you must find that one pair as that would be your staple and go-to for most days Read More

Fashion Staples – 2/30 The Perfect Blazer

The Perfect Blazer

Even if you don’t work at an office, every woman should own a black blazer that fits her perfectly. This is a wardrobe staple as it can be worn with jeans, little dresses, trousers, and skirts. Read More

Fashion Staples – 1/30 White Sneakers


Fashion is what you find in stores, style is what you do with it. I’m sure you must’ve heard these famous words. But there are some wardrobe staples that you must MUST have in your closet so you never have a ”I-have-nothing-to-wear” moment again Read More