The Day Of Love!


Now that the day is over…I couldn’t help but think about all those people who are anti-love, anti-celebrations, and anti-valentine’s! Well I know there are too many of you out there. Let’s not get into the debate of right and wrong, let’s not get into the religion factor..let’s talk in general..because in general we do so many things on a daily basis that our culture, religion or ethos do not allow but we do it anyway, but when it comes to valentine’s we don’t mind raising an eyebrow. But anyway this is getting serious, and I want to keep this light 🙂

To those who notice all the heart shaped balloons adorning the streets and markets.

To those who can’t help but notice that Oh it’s valentine’s day after 3 days

To those who make fun of people carrying flowers for their loved ones

To those who sit in front of their television screens, laughing hysterically at the corny valentine’s transmission specifically comedies.
(mixed feelings be or not to be…)


To those who bring home chocolates, perfumes and flowers for their wives so they wouldn’t complain but also declare that they don’t believe in all this.


To those who find themselves singing romantic songs (or humming quietly to themselves) throughout the day because whether they like it or not they are part of this. I know you secretly love watching romantic movies, and cry when no one is watching…
p.s.your secret is safe with me sssshhhh..!

To those who went out with their friends and celebrated being single. (like a boss)(well done!)

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To those who didn’t even bother wishing each other 😛

To those who frowned all day because….*gasp* it’s so wrong, I’m assuming you hate people who celebrate anything at all.


To those who thought that it’s a day of love and surprised their parents with a cake and gift, telling them that they love them. (You guys rock. Way to go!)


To those who say that this is rubbish, when you are with someone, everyday is valentine’s day ( really? do you buy candies, teddies, flowers, gifts for them everyday, or do you take them out to a candle light dinner every night, or do you plan something special) No right? There is no harm in going all out for only one day.

And to all those who took advantage of the great sales and deals at all big stores 😉 (smart move)

It doesn’t matter why is this day being celebrated, in what part of the world, for what reason..what matters is that you made someone feel special for that one day, sharing love and actually expressing it won’t do you no harm. This day is merely an excuse for most to tell their significant other that they care more than they let on. If someone bought heart-shaped balloons today, maybe they succeeded in bringing a smile to someone’s lonely days..if they bought flowers, chocolates and perfumes, maybe they don’t mind making someone feel special..if they went out for a romantic dinner, maybe they like celebrating little things in life..if someone posted on facebook about their wives making a special dinner for them, maybe they treasure them beyond what you can imagine and accept, maybe they feel fortunate to have good life partners..

Be the reason behind someone’s smile..Be the reason they look at themselves in the mirror and feel fortunate to have someone love them the way they do…be the reason they sleep peacefully at night knowing they have someone watching over them.
Be that person! Live and Let Live! Cheers!


Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?

Chances are you already know whether you’re a morning person or a night person (and if you don’t, just ask your significant other). We have put together a few known facts of both types and now it’s for you to decide which one are you or how true these facts are! Fair enough? Let’s get started!


They say, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Fair words to live by but they are not always true or you can say that they don’t fit every individual. I believe it varies from person to person.

  • Night owls might be a bit smarter than morning people.
  • Night types have more game.
  • Early birds get better grades.
  • Night owls have higher IQ.
  • Early birds don’t hit snooze at noon due to lack of sleep.
  • Early birds are at lower risk for depression.
  • Early birds don’t rely on alarm clocks.
  • Night owls are super creative at night.
  • Night owls are emotionally sensitive and feel things more deeply.
  • Early birds start their day with a hearty breakfast whereas night owls have no concept of breakfast with the exception of coffee/tea in most cases.
  • Night owls are partial to bad habits – namely smoking and drinking.
  • Early birds are persistent, cooperative, agreeable, conscientious and proactive.
  • Early birds procrastinate less.
  • Early birds may be happier.
  • Both types are believed to be more creative on their off hours.
  • Morning people get that extra energy when the sun is out and shining bright on the other hand night owls are super active at night and can do just about anything when the sun sets and the moon appears.
  • Night owls find solace in the comfort of dark, tranquil serenity of the night.
  • Early birds find their strength and comfort in broad daylight.
  • Night owls are dreamers and they say morning people are doers.


So what do you guys think? Please add more to this list and pour out your thoughts! 🙂

Signing off

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