A Product A Day! Make Up Forever – 4 in 1 Pro Sculpting Brow Palette

Eyebrows! The most important part of our face and I’ll tell you why. Have you ever tried different eyebrows on your face before you can finally tell which one suits you more or most. Eyebrows are seriously game changers for most of us. It can make a huge difference in the overall first impression we give. Even though many people still don’t give too much importance to them but we know the whole deal.

Take a piece of paper and draw 5 similar smileys on it. Then give each one a different eyebrow and you’ll see how it effects the overall look.

Speaking of which I want to share my brow experience with you considering I have had trouble over the years with my brows being tortured at the hands of different women at different salons, each time I walked out with a different shape hence I know the struggle.

Thanks to beauty products now we can define ours and ensure that we get the right shape that best suits our face.

Lately I have been using the MAKEUP FOREVER 4 in 1 Pro Sculpting Brow Palette and I’m immensely pleased with the results. If I were to choose between a gel and a powder based palette, I would prefer the powder one as it gives more natural results.


This palette is simple. Comes in 3 different shades to help you make the right color.

The application is quiet simple.

Step 1: Apply Wax on your brows

Step 2: Out of 3 shades, blend in either 2 or choose one that suits you and apply giving your brows the right shape while using the right strokes

Step 3: Finish the look with the highlighter from the palette to give your brows a clean definition.


It’s simple! It’s worth it!

Wings & Strokes rating: 4.5/5

Let me know what you think.

Signing off

W & S

A Product A Day! Mascara

Every woman needs a good mascara for sure. In this world of wearing falsies, having naturally long lashes seems a blessing indeed. So for me choosing the right one is very important. Having tried many mascara’s over the years, I only stick to one.


DMGM MAGNUM eyes collagen boost mascara is AH-mazing! Ever since i have been using this one, I have never felt the need to even try another one. This suits me perfectly as it clearly enhances my long lashes making them appear even longer..Bolder, blacker, darker are three words best suited to this one.



Okay let’s list down what this one has to offer:

  • Lenghtens the lashes
  • Provides good volume
  • Doesn’t smudge or flake
  • Feels light
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes
  • Dries quickly
  • This one takes away the need to wear falsies

The consistency of the product is thick having dark black color with matte finish. Because of its thick texture you need to remove extra product in tube before applying it on to avoid clumps but this is the same reason it provides quite a good volume to lashes.  It really is smudge proof and will not smudge unless you rub your eyes very harshly.


Even though this product has been around for a while now but its definitely worth a review as many of us spend on high end mascara’s but end up with average results.

So ladies! This one is light on the pocket and gives better results than most mascara’s in the market.

Wings & Strokes rating:  4.8 /5  *thumbs up*