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Hand Painted Denims

Hand painted denims remind me of the awesome 90’s. The best thing about denims is that you can take your old ones, paint them and turn them into a magnificent new pair. Imagine what all you can do with a little paint and your imagination, customize all your jeans if you want to.


So when are you planning to start your jean project?

Let us know when you find or create your perfect pair!


Think Red!

Speaking of red, Coca Cola has over the years launched various Coca Cola statement shirts, caps, bags etc. How many of you rocked Sophia Webster “Share a Coca Cola” pumps in 2015?
Rita Ora look absolutely stunning as she wore these classy pumps to celebrate 100 years of the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle at the Coca-Cola Contour Centenary Bar in London, England.

Credit: Daniel Deme/

Rita Ora opens the Coca-Cola bar.


Credit: Daniel Deme/

She wore a Veni Vici Couture strapless peplum gown with a flowing train and for her second look at the event, she went for a halter-necked red dress and paired with Sophia Webster’s ‘Share a CocaCola’ pumps. Not only she looked stunning, I’d say it was just the right marketing strategy. Thumbs up!

An experience worth sharing..!


Shopping is an experience in itself. How it turns out to be depends a whole lot on stores and the way they deal with customers. Mostly, you come across salesmen with annoyed facial expressions, OK i get it, customers can be annoying at times but that’s where your expertise come in. I just had to share my experience from day before yesterday. I went shopping at a mall in Islamabad. I had my list of things and as I was scanning the stores looking for that perfect pair of shoes to go with my winter wardrobe, I ended up at the UK based brand Insignia. Of course it felt like any other store at first but then this salesman came towards me with decent, polite expressions and a way with words. He gave me a few minutes to scan through the store and meanwhile I believe that he was doing his job by assessing what I would like and voila! He brought forward 3 pairs and to my surprise I liked them all. The finish, the design, the look Ah! I fell in love 🙂 I tried them of course and then picked two of them, one in red and one in black. The salesmen seemed well versed in his job and treated me with utmost respect. Once I paid them and was ready to leave, the entire staff  came forward and thanked me in a delightful way! What a wonderful experience indeed! Highly recommended! 🙂
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Note to self


Says it all…!
Much love 🙂

Shopping spree!


Wow! What a day! Each season brings with it the promise of everything good and so do the malls. Nothing like end of season sale! Stores are filled with gorgeous things and people.  So it was more like a shop till you drop kinda day for me. Got my hands on some really nice clothes, shoes and make up products. So what are you waiting for, hit the stores. Happy Shopping!!! 🙂

Wings and Strokes



There is always something that inspires us enough to make a start. For me that would be a single thought that its never too late to start something, to take that first step. and so i did!

Who am i? I’m like any of you out there, a wife, a career woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter, I’m you! Many of us have such inspiring stories to tell that you just want the world to know about them. Mine is simple but i want to know about yours. My inspiration comes from upcoming Entrepreneurs, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Bloggers, Make-up artists, Musicians, Foodies, and all you creative peeps!

Please share who inspires you, I’d love to know

Much love! 🙂