Lucky Fridge Got Another Makeover!

Hey everyone!! If you know me well by now, you should know that I make changes here & there very frequently and all those of you who follow me on Instagram saw in my stories that I gave my beloved fridge another much needed makeover. So in this post I’m bringing you details of that. I did answer many questions via DM’s too but I think its best I put all the details here to answer all the questions you may have. I did this nearly 15 days ago around Eid holidays, posting it now 🙂

Before I start I want to show you what my first fridge looked like and what I did with it.


So the first thing we did for the fridge was buy this awesome decal that you see in the picture above and placed it on the fridge. This was my absolute favorite and I never would’ve wanted to change it but time came to change the fridge and so when I tried to take it off and place it on the new one, it lost its shape, see the picture below


I tried to pull it back and place it again but the decal hands just lost their shape completely and after waiting for months I felt that it was time do something else with it, so I searched on the good old Google and found some fun ideas that I’m sharing below


I saved all the pictures because I knew I would be changing things again after sometime and I think these are some pretty sleek makeovers.
I chose to do a black and white fridge to go with my black marble counters and also I felt that it was the easiest colour to find in stores. This is what it looked after the makeover



I did a detailed step-by-step tutorial on it that you can find here. I was super super happy with it, me & my family fell in love with this stunner here and it stayed for quiet sometime but this Eid I felt that maybe it was time to make changes yet again and so this is what my friend looks like now




The marble effect is very IN these days as I’m sure you know and this just felt like the right kind of makeover that my sexy fridge deserved. I’m so glad I did this as it lead me to giving my entire kitchen a makeover.

Let’s get into details of how this was done. It’s actually pretty simple and less time consuming compared to the duct tape fridge  I did earlier.

What you need:
Contact paper (any color, design you want)
Paper cutter
Great music (optional)
A nice well made cup of coffee/tea


A contact paper is a large self-adhesive sheet which is easily available all across UAE. You can find it in Gift Centers, Carrefour, ACE hardware etc.

Just start anywhere you want, I started right at the top as it made more sense to me. Just be careful while sticking it but in case you start getting bubbles simply pull it back up and place it again. That’s the beauty of it.


What you get is a fridge that looks brand new every single time you give it a makeover.
In my next post I will be sharing details of my wall in my kitchen that I had simply no intention of doing anything with but as it turns out that now I have a statement wall in my kitchen that I absolutely love. Stay tuned! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Lucky Fridge Got Another Makeover!

  1. Brandy Toenges says:

    Not my particular style, but I love the idea! I’ve never thought to redecorate my fridge, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen @ Jenron Designs says:

    That really is a a fun way to dress up a refrigerator which is such a large object in a room. I have spray painted an old one before, with appliance paint, for a basement shop area, but never thought about contact paper. Great idea!!!

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