Talking Tuesdays!

Dear All,

How long has it been since I sat down to write a blog post and bring you something from my world. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the warm response I received at the blog relaunch over the gram and
FB. It truly means a lot when you take a few minutes of your time to read one of my posts and let me know how you felt about it. I started blogging with a lot of passion and it has become part of who I am. I took a few months off to change a few things at my end and I’m very very glad that I did.


For starters the new blog name ”The Shamrock Notions’‘ somehow gets me going. I’m totally in love with it and I really do hope that you like it too. I have also changed the theme of the blog as well as the colours.


I have also added a lot of new features and series to the blog itself which I’ll be bringing you in the next week. Chosen 2 of the series will be on IG and the rest on


Eid Ul Adha came and went quietly this year, I spent mine with my children with my husband being away, I had to ensure that I make each and every second count for them so we did a lot of stuff together, I also started giving my kitchen a good much-needed makeover on the chand raat and that I think was a brilliant idea as it kept us busy during Eid holidays.

We started with putting henna on my girl’s hands, I’m no expert trust me but it made them super super happy and that’s all that matters.

We went shopping together, had yummiest desserts.. we went out for meals and fire works in between and made it all fun & festive.


I also set up the table in a very special yet simple way to make the meal grand for my beloved kiddos <3


The schools have reopened so naturally our lives are going to be busier than ever, Thank God for the long summer break, it was soooo relaxing. I will say bye to you for now as its my son’s 2nd birthday today (4th September) but will see you in the next post.

Stay tuned!!
Thanks for reading

Tons of love <3

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