7 Questions With Natasha Humera Ejaz

If you are from Islamabad then Natasha Humera Ejaz is a name that you can definitely relate to in many ways. She is a singer/songwriter from the capital with a voice so melodic, soothing and hauntingly beautiful, it takes you into a different world altogether. She stepped into the world of song writing at an early age of 15. She rocked the Radio stations as a Radio Jockey for both city FM 89 and 99 and man was she good! Not only her voice was perfect for the radio but her unmatchable style on the show made her an instant hit with the listeners!


Her music video ”Today is the place” directed by the very talented Usman Mukhtar a.k.a. Joey, caught everyone’s attention right away because not only the lyrics were beautiful but the video itself was very different and not something that you saw back in those days.

She recently gave us ”Bol” from ”Cake – The Film

Giving you Natasha Humera Ejaz in a light 7 question conversation

W&S 1: Describe Natasha in 5 words
NHE: Happy, Empathic, Committed, Lame, Crazy

W&S 2: What inspired you to step into the world of music? What was your first song?
NHE: I was singing from a really young age, I remember being in like kindergarten and teachers telling me I can sing. It was kinf of just the default setting I was born with –  become an artist.
First song I remember being taught was by my Nana Abu teaching me Lab pe aati hai dua

W&S 3: How important is it to study music before starting a career in it?
NHE: It really depends on what you’re gunning for as a personal goal. To me it was important to study music formally because I always had planned to balance a career in education along with a performance career. But that’s not to say that’s the penultimate way of doing things. Case in point – Jimi Hendrix

W&S 4: Who do you think is the most cultivated artist of all times?
NHE: Wow that’s a tough one. I’ll go with Bobby McFerrin. His journey is the most versatile and individual that I have been exposed to. From playing sold out solo tours with just him on stage to taking a break from performance for many years to learn and ultimately practice conducting – his mind doesn’t seem to have a pause for the things he’s willing to learn and experiment with. All that with a pitch perfect voice and the ability to sing pretty much everything.

W&S 5: Tell us about your work in Allahyar and The Legend Of Markhor?
NHE: I was really lucky to have been asked to audition for Allahyar. It was the kind of opportunity I didn’t want to pass up for anything. I learnt a lot!

W&S 6: What do you think is vastly overrated?
NHE: Vitality

 W&S 7: What have you learned from your journey and how do you want people to remember you?
NHE: That you don’t stop learning. I hope I do enough good in peoples lives to have me remembered as just that – she was nice and she loved everything in her life.

Natasha has also worked with Uth records.


She has several great compositions and songs to her name. Don’t miss out on any of them.


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