And So It Happened…

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And so it happened, I married this man that I had known only for four months. He proposed and I said yes, thinking he would be the man of my dreams. He made me dream of a life that I would never know.
I don’t know why he changed overnight or maybe he was just that kind of crazy man in real too. He would insult me all the time, in front of family, in front of friends and even the house help. I would spend my nights crying about how my life had changed like this. I’d try to talk to him all the time but he would never respond or told me not to disturb him as he had important things to do, at times he would get really angry and kick me out of the room.
And then one day, I caught him cheating…I caught him red-handed and he got so furious that without thinking who’s fault it really was…he divorced me right there and then. I stood there, motionless…unable to believe what had happened to my life, my world came crashing down…
I’ve heard that he got remarried and I remain here waiting for some kind of miracle that would help me pick up my pieces and start fresh…


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