How To Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

A good white sneaker is a fashion staple. All the fashion people LOVE white sneakers, however, it sure is a struggle to keep them spotlessly clean. One trip to  the coffee shop would mean mud stains, possible coffee stains etc. So I’m bringing you some tips to rock these white


  1. For starters always store them indoors
  2. If you see scratches on your sneakers, use white nail polish to cover them up nicely.
  3. Baby wipes come in handy for accidental stains which you can use to clean right away.
  4. Magic eraser should be your best friend if you own white sneakers.
  5. Vinegar also works wonders to remove nasty stains.
  6. Use a toothbrush to get to hard to reach areas.
  7. Use a mild shampoo and then before air-drying your shoes, stuff a small towel inside to maintain the shape and also to help dry quickly.
  8. Never machine wash footwear.
  9. White shoe polish for days when you think you might need it, which could be every other day.IMG_5593Alright then ! Keep your feet happy!

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