DIY Frames For The Kitchen

Hello my lovely people!!!! How are you all. Life gets so sooo sooooo busy at times that you hardly get to finish anything at all. Speaking of which I’m bringing you those much awaited frames that I posted about on the Instagram stories and have been receiving messages asking about what I did with them. Well here is your answer.

Once I finished the fridge makeover, I felt like the walls looked rather bare
and boring, felt like they needed something. I did this last year two stunning frames and placed them behind the sink but they were just two, although much better in size compared to the ones that I found this time around but I wanted more of them.

So what I basically did was that I got hold of black frames, took out the original not so beautiful 3D animal photos and replaced them with my own handiwork. They were super easy to do and must’ve taken me maybe an hour and a half to finish them all.

These are inspired by my Dad’s restaurant, he always knew how to make food look beautiful, though he had much much bigger ones but I somehow felt okay with this size too.

I’m giving you the complete story in the form of pictures. You don’t have to love them the way I do but hey it was a cheap and easy way to add some beauty to the walls or tiles.

What you need:

  • Black Frames
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Any magazine or cookbook that you don’t use anymore for food pictures
  • Pen or pencil
  • Mounting Tape
  • Good music (optional)




On the Left (below) is the original frame in its asli haalat and on the right side (below) you can see what I did with it. I love the final look. 


Once your frames are ready, all you have to do is get hold of some mounting tape a.k.a double sided tape in much simpler words and use it stick the frames on the tiles or wall.


Now if you are wondering why these frames then you can have a look at my fridge makeover and you’ll know just how well they go with it. I also have fairy lights in my kitchen if you want to have a look at that. My kitchen is my favourite place in the house ever since I gave it a whole makeover 🙂

Hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made.

Much love <3


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