Light Festival Sharjah

Lights, Camera, Action…!! That’s kind of what happens when you are at such a pretty festival..lights everywhere, cameras everywhere and of course tons of action and poses 😀 It was such a fun evening and the weather was absolutely perfect!

Light Festival Sharjah is still on till the 17th of February so you still have time to go there if you haven’t already.



It starts with the beautiful Noor Mosque that is built in a stunning Ottoman style architecture,  it is drenched in a spectacular show of light, geometrical designs, paintings etc. It is truly breathtaking.


As you go further you see a light carousel over the lagoon, I wasn’t able to capture that in photos but its pretty nice.

img_1029_std.originalIMG_1055IMG_1025IMG_1024IMG_1016IMG_0998IMG_1053IMG_1095There are tunnels of lights and not just one or two, there are so many of them and they form a maze that is very interesting, simple and beautiful at the same time. It starts with a tunnel of flower shaped pretty yellow lights and takes you into a tunnel of blue gorgeous butterfly shaped lights, you go through a yellow one and then a blue one again, till you go through all of them and while you are going through the maze you will run into a man singing beautifully as he plays the instrument.  Live music just added to the whole experience. I stood there just taking in the music, enjoying every bit of it for quiet some time. So many people participated and sang with the guy. It was lovely!


It’s not just all this, I barely saw one part of it. The light festival is spread across many parts of the city and its spectacular.


Click on the Official site link to get more information. Enjoy the photos! 🙂
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