Awkward Things That Can Happen At Grocery Stores


Not sure how you feel about life, but it can be very tricky at times…or maybe most days.. imagine you leave the house to goto the grocery store to buy eggs and end up scanning the store trying to recall why you got your rotten self out of the house in the first place. Happens, trust me! and on those days, you also end up making a list of chores
to be completed the next day but guess what that never happens either. Anyway hope your life is a little less crazy than mine right now. Being at two places at once sounds exciting, but it’s no fun really!

That’s me feeling all excited about going to the supermarket. In comes IG & Snapchat naturally 😛


The truth is that we all struggle with one thing or another day to day…we often forget to even focus on our problems because we are so busy making sure that we get everything done. See that is really important too. Getting everything done!

While we are talking about running errands, let’s talk about awkward things that can happen at a grocery store or supermarket. Let’s see how many of these you can relate to.

1. Going in to buy just two things and coming out with at least 7 or 8 things in hand that you are not even sure if you need at that point in your life.

2. Running into an old acquaintance and after a nice ”Hey how are you” , there is absolutely nothing to say.

3. Think of all those times when you went to the supermarket with your kids and they insisted on putting everything they can lay their eyes and get their hands on in the cart.

4. Running into this person that you are not very fond of or on very friendly terms with and then running into them on every aisle 😀 you keep praying that you don’t bump into them at the cash counter and that’s exactly what happens. They are either right in front of you, or right behind you.

5.  While there are hundreds of carts to choose from you pick the one that is about to lose a wheel or the wheels seem to be held together with super glue and needs a supreme effort pushing around the whole supermarket.

6. While the cart has enough space for one child to sit (most likely an infant) all your children (if you have 3 or 4) insist on getting a ride around the supermarket.

7. When you are running super duper late and get to the cash counter you get the shock of your life that while there are 14 cash registers, only two are open.

8.When you run into a couple taking a selfie…wait a second.. SELFIES and all you are trying to do is grab that ketchup off that shelf and they won’t move. They ignore you like you don’t even exist.

9. You get mesmerized by these buy one get one free offers on things that you have no idea what you will do with.

10. You mistake someone else’s trolley for your own and start walking away with it and realize only when your kid keeps screaming that Mom you are being followed by this woman who keeps saying Yalla Yalla. There’s nothing more mortifying in the world.

11. You leave the store totally broke but still feel like you’ve conquered the world because you have a trolley full of yummy food and what not!!! (What not mostly!)



These are embarrassing af things that happen or can happen in the supermarket. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced them all 😀 For Mums like me, a trip alone to the super market definitely feels like a mini vacation! Trust me you don’t know that feeling 😉

Happy Thursday people!! Enjoy your grocery shopping over the weekend!!

Much Love!



8 thoughts on “Awkward Things That Can Happen At Grocery Stores

  1. kristindennis1 says:

    I am known to hide in different aisles to avoid those awkward conversations with people I sort of know. Grocery shopping without kids is one of my favorite things to do, you’re right, it’s like a mini vacation!

  2. Linda e says:

    That’s happened to me too. Everytime I go to the supermarket I tend to forget what I wanted to buy. I think if we make a groceries list that would help.

  3. Jenny Morrison says:

    HAHA! Selfies in the grocery store! I believe it! I had a time where a guy walked around the corner and started yelling. I thought he was yelling at me so I said, “Pardon”? He signaled that he was on blue tooth! LOL

  4. anissa4334 says:

    I’ve experienced some of these things lol. I don’t even like going to the market let alone over spending. I accidentally pushed a cart that had someone’s purse in it.. oooops. Shouldn’t leave it in there . Navigating a broken cart is annoying too!

  5. Amy says:

    While I haven’t had kids in the grocery cart for awhile, I sure remember those days! And I think every one of these things has happened to me! Sometimes I think those chance run ins are meant to be. Really a fun read!

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