Sneak Peak Into Kid’s Playroom

I want to thank each and everyone of you for sending me those amazing, genuinely warm messages about the blog specially the posts on home décor. I’m truly touched 🙂
For those who follow my Instagram stories know that I post bits & pieces of my home and daily life. Speaking of which, I’m giving you a sneak peak into the kids playroom
for  some moms like me, keep requesting to show the whole room 🙂 It may not be the most amazing place but it’s magical for my little ones as they make memories here with each passing day.

This is what the room looks like during the day. It gets a lot of natural light and that’s what I love the most about it. Kids spend a great deal of time here and look forward to getting back home when they are away. 


This Red car bed that you can see is actually an inflatable ball pit but I turned that into a comfortable bed for them by placing a single mattress inside the car and covering it up with a nice quilted sheet along with some pillows and cushions. My children love this little bed, It’s actually like any normal single bed, an adult can comfortably sleep inside it.

This is what the playroom looks like at night time. Still their favourite room in the house 🙂


The toys are from here & there to be very honest. Some bought here in UAE, some from Pakistan, some gifts by friends and family so naturally they don’t require details.

The rest i’ll list below incase you are interested:

Grey Rug : Home Center
Red inflatable ball pit converted into a bed: Dragon Mart
Curtains: Home Center
Wall Decal: Simran Sinaan
Table Lamp: Home Center
Big yellow Banana: Global Village
Emoji Cushions: Gift Center Sharjah
Dog cushion: Sahara Center
Red, orange, pink shelves: Safeer Mall
Wooden doll house: Home Center
Wall light (Sun) : IKEA
Children’s tent: IKEA
Blue cabinet: Carrefour
White basket: IKEA
Darts: IKEA
Pink pinup board: IKEA
Disney frames: Ansar Mall
Speaker: Bose
The rest: Here, there & everywhere! 😛

I like to keep things simple and real. I didn’t go crazy cleaning the room just to take photos, these are taken on a regular day and my kids clean up once they are done playing in the toy room 🙂 and that makes me super proud.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to see your children’s wonderland as well. Whatever the size, whatever the colours, whatever the choice of things…it’s always our little one’s wonderland because they create magic & memories here.

Much love,


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