7 questions with Rubab Jawaid

We are starting a 7 question series on the blog and first up is Rubab Javed from the vibrant city of Lahore. She is a graduate from NCA with major in miniature and boy is she good! She has many national & international exhibitions to her name.


She works on cross stitch, embroidery and paints different fabrics. The technique she uses is gouache on wasli, needle impression and also some experimental work. She also has a baking business called RJ The Cake Company. Her cakes, cupcakes etc speak for themselves and are as beautiful and intricate as her miniature work.

Let’s begin our chit chat 🙂

W&S: 1 . What do your friends and family call you?
RJ: My friends call me Rubabo and family calls me Pinky.

W&S: 2 . What is your greatest strength and weakness?
RJ: Greatest strength is being patient and weakness is to please everyone.

W&S: 3: If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?
RJ: It would be 22 because its the best time as we feel young and that’s the best age of learning.

W&S: 4: What person do you follow the most on social media?
RJ: Robin Sharma. I like his quotes and they help in motivation.

W&S: 5 What do you enjoy more, baking or painting?
RJ: Baking. Painting is my profession but baking I do with passion.

W&S: 6 Your dream vacation?
RJ: My dream vacation is a road trip to Europe and Miami.

W&S: 7 You want people to remember you as?
RJ: A GREAT artist and nice person.

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Rubab tells us about her passion for miniature.
You can find her on Instagram: RJ The Cake Company 

My work is based on the concept of embroidery and fabric. The feel of the fabric and texture is very unique. In my point of view, embroidery and the concept of doing miniature is quiet similar because both the techniques are similar to each other, they are done with delicacy and a very intricate way. As a child, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother doing all this and that really amazed me but never really got time to learn all that so I brought the same into my work as a miniature artist. I don’t work with real embroidery but I paint it. In my recent and previous works, I have been painting fabrics of cross stitch, threads, embroidery and now I’m painting net. The medium I’m working on is gouache on handmade paper and sometime I do collage too.


That’s all for now. Watch out for the next person on the 7 question series 🙂

Much Love


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