Living Room Wall – Makeover

I love my apartment…no it’s not an exaggeration , I love it for it’s size for one thing. it’s really nice and spacious and caters to all my needs so I won’t go on a rant saying that I always hated it because that was never the case but yes since its spacious, decorating it became somewhat difficult initially because
that meant we’d have to go over our budget ( but I didn’t let that happen lolz) Ali & I made sure that we buy stuff that resonates with us on a great level (both of us agreeing to one thing is mostly impossible) and also makes a comfortable home for our munchkins

Anyway after coming back from my country and going through that difficult phase, I badly felt that I needed some kind of change in my life…something had to click somewhere and also keep me busy for a few days. I kept looking at different ideas online as well as the awesome wallpaper that D-tails offers in collaboration with The One Basics. That would’ve looked pretty nice too but somehow I feel that it’s become very common and I needed something different.


A few days ago, my husband’s cousin was visiting us in UAE (I like to think she is my cousin more than his cousin :P) Anyhow, I know that Inzer is incredibly talented, and when I say talented I mean yes seriously talented. She has a very fine hand and can paint beautifully. So I decided to take advantage of her visit and asked her to help me paint my walls. I didn’t think she would share the same enthusiasm but she got really excited too and sooooooo we looked up a few ideas online and picked the one which would go with my beige and grey décor with hints of mustard. I have been in love with this combo for a long time and wouldn’t change a thing about it. So we ended up at the paint store, choosing the shades, getting the paint mixed and prepared and happily came home.


We got out the speaker, put on some awesome music and started with the lounge wall. My husband was away for work and I wanted to surprise him 🙂 (Yes, i’m a good wife :P)You will not see me in most of the pictures as I was the one taking them but anyway let’s begin. P.S. Have you ever seen anyone so awash with excitement over the prospect of painting a wall with three little ones running around? If your answer is no then take a good look at us below!



Now this wall is right behind my dining table and the rest of the room has grey and beige all over in terms of décor but the walls are all white. So we felt like if target these two smaller walls, that would create like a separate section in the same room but add so much character to it.


We had to draw straight lines on the wall and then get hold of masking tape to make each colour appear nice and crisp. The most important thing is your patience here, if you try to rush it, chances are the results won’t be as neat and satisfying as you want them to be. Good company and music kept us going!! You can have a look at the pictures below to get an idea (accept my apologies for I lost some pictures because my phone went into some strange mode and erased all my data) I wish I had them all to show you the whole process step by step..I’m still trying my best.



The whole experience was so enjoyable I tell you. We started around 11:30 pm and went on painting till about 8am, took a break in between and went out for breakfast in our PJs (yesss, we went out in that state). Then Inzi had a flight the same day and I started the wall again around 5 pm and finished it around 9ish. It was only time consuming because I have three children to take care of as well but the result was totally worth it. The kids love it too!!

I have to say that I’m truly impressed by the quality, texture and colour range of Jotun Paints. Best paint I’ve ever used in my life. Seriously impressed!

If you are interested in knowing what colour shades I used, I’ll put pictures of them below so you won’t have any confusion. You can use different colours depending on your taste and existing décor. Trust me this combo looks better in real than in pictures. So happy with it!

Play around with colours and try something like this at home. You will love it!
Never be afraid to add some colour to your life!




Paints: Jotun paints
Dining Table: IKEA
Trolley: Paragon
Sofa: IKEA
Lamp: Home Center
Shaggy wool rug: Home Center
Wall Clock: Lifestyle
Faux Plants: Daiso
Basket: Home Center
Curtains: IKEA
Wall paintings: Home Center & IKEA
Fairy lights: Dragon mart
Side Tables: Ansar Mall
Cushions: IKEA, Dragon mart, Ansar Mall
Vase & Candle stand: ChenOne
Hope that answers any questions you may have 🙂

11 thoughts on “Living Room Wall – Makeover

  1. Michelle (@helloSHELLS) says:

    Wow — that is a great makeover. I actually love the color grey and it’s such an easy color to incorporate into things and literally matches anything.

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. Wings & Strokes says:

      Awwww thank you so much 🙂 I feel the same about grey. Totally in love with this color and decided to go for a grey and beige décor with hints of mustard and white without any second thoughts. Thanks for stopping by Michelle 🙂

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