Blast From The Past – 90s

If you were born in the 80s then you have experienced 90s like no one else and boy! what days and what trends and not to mention the music the great 90s brought with it. The decade that brought us slap bracelets, Saved by the Bell, mood rings, wide legs, grunge, good hip hop, beepers, the walkman, etc. is my absolute favorite of all decades. Of course, Iโ€™m biased because itโ€™s the era I grew up in but the 90s have been getting lots of love lately with comebacks in the fashion scene. It was an era that is forever going to live in our hearts and minds <3

Wings and Strokes is bringing you something from the 90s that is worth remembering! So hold your breath and get ready to live those moments again.

Speaking of 90s how can we forget the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and his super cool attire.
Remember the overalls with one strap down? ๐Ÿ˜€


Roller Blades were such a thing back in those days. One of my cousins got herself these super cool skates and we were like wowww!! lol. Tried them on several times but never quiet got the hang of the whole balance thing so I mostly slipped & tripped (maybe always but let’s assume that I ‘mostly’ couldn’t retain my balance)


The 90s also brought with it the absurd trend of bleached hair. I was looking for a photograph of me with bleached hair using the hair bleaches which were commonly found in stores e.g. Modgirl, Jolen, Olivia etc. Yesss! Guilty as charged. Please don’t pretend like you’ve never tried them on your hair as I could name each of you who did. Since I can’t find my own photo so let’s stick to a better version of the bleached hairย  by looking at these boys ๐Ÿ˜€ Justin Timberlake hehe


Hoop Earrings were super cool then and super cool now. I still luvvvvvv them. There were big ones for girls and the guys happily wore small ones. Hoops for girls any day!!

Remember this flat top hair do for men. Ahhh yes!! Reminds you of the 90s doesn’t it?!


Then there was also this mid-parting trend with a wegde cut.


Not so sure about the origin of this but this was seen everywhere. No Fear became the thing in the 90s. Sweatshirts, Caps, Bikes, walls etc had No Fear plastered all over them. I remember my sister painting a sweatshirt using the embossed fabric paint and man it looked awesome!


There was nothing fresher than a pair of these awesome Timberland boots and you were really a pro if you cleaned them with your pencil eraser. Hell yeah!


Speaking of shoes, remember those shoes with lights in the heels? They were a must-have!

Hush Puppies, Reebok, Nike were popular names in the world of footwear in the 90s alongwith many others.

Carrying a fancy Disney lunchbox to school used to be everyone’s dream. You just had to have one with one of those popular cartoon character boxes that came in with a water bottle.

It was my 5th birthday when my Dad got me my first ever Walkman and I can’t tell you how excited and happy I was to have gotten one. I remember it was black and grey and I was over the moon. Having a Walkman (one that played cassettes) or Discman (one that played CDs meant you were someone carrying a goldbrick in your hands back in those days until everyone had it lol. But what days!!! What days!!! Going to the Music store to buy your favourite cassettes with all your favourite tracks. Side A and Side B. Ahhhhhh….Someone bring back those days!!!!!!

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Watching movies on the weekends with parents permission of course on the VCR with those VHS tapes. Rewind, forward, and the whole shebang. Ahhhh not to mention cleaning the head for better quality.

How many of you have worn unbuttoned shirts over graphic Tees?

We all have been seeing ripped jeans around and some look really stunning while some look absolutely ridiculous. Where do you think ripped jeans came in from? It’s a 90s thing of course!

I’m going to stop here but the 90s trends don’t stop here for sure. Will bring you back more to feast your eyes upon and relive those days, next week. Till then feel free to share your memories with us and share the post with your friends & family.

Life is too short. Live it!


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