Coffee Break – Big Ideas, Tiny Spaces

I love decorating and redecorating. I love homes and everything about them. Doesn’t matter if they are big or’s about how warm and inviting any space is. It’s about the way heart and soul has been put into it. I was just sipping on my coffee when I came across this. It’s a little flat, very small infact but caters to all your needs. Also it is situated in a very expensive neighbourhood. This one is not all that warm and inviting for me, not my taste at all but could be a good home if either you are single or just a couple.
Take a look.

This one is so creatively done and gives you such a great open feeling. It allows so much light into your house. It looks beautiful and clean while giving you everything that you could possibly need in a small house of your own.


This one speaks for itself. If this was my house, I wouldn’t place the shelf behind the sofa but everything else is beautiful or maybe instead of the ottoman I would’ve gotten a sectional sofa with storage. That would’ve given so much more space and open feel to the living room. Check it out.


ANNNNNNDDDDD this one’s worth a standing ovation. So so cool!
Get your fresh cup of tea/coffee ready and come back to it.
School Bus converted to incredible off-grid home. This one you have to see!


This guy’s a genius. He calls it the lego-style apartment and for obvious reasons. I only wish his shower was not so open, the rest is pure genius.

As they say, there is no place like home.





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