Hassle free cooking anyone?

WARNING: This post could have you running to your nearest store.

Are you one of those people (like me and my husband) who crave fried food on a very regular basis (yesssss *hides face* but still eats – guilty).  This smiling duo right below these words that you are reading is us! P.S. I tried to keep the picture size small 😀

Are you one of those people who open the fridge, looking for something yummy to eat and end up taking something out of the freezer and deep frying it (yikes). ( What can I say, such is life!) Have you ever dreamt of enjoying your plate of fries or samosas without the fear of gaining 30 kgs once you are done? (could happen to any of us! )

Then this post is definitely for you. NO it’s not sponsored..it comes straight from the heart, after using the actify for two whole years and still loving it. (Please don’t associate my weight with the review as I do cheat sometimes and go for deep frying :P) but anyhow! I want to give you a few reasons to make the actifry your new best friend.

My husband and I befriended the Tefal Actifry almost two years ago with the idea of making cooking a little easier for both us (which means he wouldn’t mind throwing in the nuggets or meatballs if he’s in the mood :P). Quiet frankly I wasn’t too sure in the beginning and it was being used solely for making nuggets in the morning while getting my daughter ready for school. It takes precisely 13 minutes to have them ready without having to stand there, watching the stove as well as stirring so yess it saves you all that trouble while you get something else done.

I thought I’d give you some good enough reasons to consider making this part of your kitchen (if you haven’t already).


Let’s begin!

1. It’s a sleek machine that takes up a nice corner in your kitchen (while adding to the beauty of it).
2. It requires 1 tsp of oil (you heard me right) to get one big plate of fries ready in no time.

3. It is super easy to clean. All you have to do is take out the pan and wash it. It’s dishwasher safe as well.

4. It saves you the trouble of standing next to it and watching it like a hawk. It has an in built buzzer which goes off when your food is ready to be served.

5. You won’t have to worry about anything getting burnt as the paddle constantly keeps moving.

Some of the things you can make in the actifry

  1. Croutons
  2. French fries
  3. Nuggets
  4. Chicken Wings
  5. Samosa
  6. Corn
  7. Stir-fried veggies
  8. Meat Balls (without the paddle preferably)
  9. Croquettes
  10. Roasted Brocolli
  11. Glazed Apples
  12. Roasted Dry fruit
  13. Omlette
  14. Chick Peas
  15. Baked Beans
  16. Sausages
  17. Buffalo Chips
  18. Fried Chicken (remember it is not deep fried so the taste and feel of it will be a little different)
  19. Mozzarella cheese sticks
  20. Soy and pepper fried peas …… to name a few. I’m sure there are many other ways it can be used which i’m unaware of. I would love to try to make a simple pizza in it, without the paddle of course, and see how that turns out. Something tells me it would be great and the crust would be on the crispy side.

In the coming weeks, i’ll try to bring you more that your actifry can do. Follow me on Instagram: sonyalee1 where i’ll post more from the world of actifry in the Insta stories.

So there you go! Your actifry is the answer to all your fried food cravings. I know people who are fitness conscious and swear by it!

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, let me know and i’ll try to answer right away. If there is something that would be beyond my knowledge then you can take the help of good old google.

Thanks for reading!

Much love! xo




One thought on “Hassle free cooking anyone?

  1. Mikki Donaldson says:

    Wow… this little gadget is incredible. Yeah, I’m going to get one for my kitchen because to be honest… I love to eat, but hate to cook. You have some incredible meals here. Thank you, ma’am, for the best tip this year!

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