Dose Of Colors – Desi x Katy

Dose of Colors showcases the work of Anna, a passionate artist with a love of unique and beautiful colours. Richly pigmented glosses and high fashion matte lipsticks. Meet transformative lashes and illuminating highlighters that are expertly designed to help skin appear youthful, healthy and clear. Vegan and cruelty free, all products are created with an innate love and passion for cosmetics, inspiring everybody to love makeup and the distinctive hues that Does of Colors creates.

In the nineties, best friends would express their love for each other with matching broken heart necklaces.These days, YouTube stars are celebrating their friendship with something their fans can shop. Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot, who is better known as LustreLux, collaborated on a makeup collection together for Dose of Colors.

With all the hype surrounding the collab on social media, the new lipsticks, palette, and highlighters Perkins and DeGroot teamed up on sold out in less than a day. Yup, every single piece of the six-part collection flew of digital shelves, including the $167 bundle with everything in it. People on Instagram and Twitter are loving it so much that they’re begging Dose of Colors to make the collection permanent.

You have to see how jaw-droppingly stunning these look on different skin tones.

Check this out!


Just look at all that beauty in all it’s glorious splendour!

Don’t forget to watch this video to get a load of all that this range has to offer.

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