Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are magical. They are perfect to add and create a little magic of your own. Gone are the days when decorative lights were used only for birthday parties and weddings. There are so many different kinds of lights available in the market that its unreal and all the more beautiful at the same time. Dim lights are just the thing for me. I’m obsessed with lamps and basically warm light (I hate white light). Warm lights were a huge part of my Dad’s home so that is kinda embedded into my memory and soul. Warmth of any kind is beautiful isn’t it?!

Moving on let’s talk about ways to use fairy lights to add a little magic to any space. I for one use fairy lights in different parts of my house. I have them in the kitchen, in my daughter’s room and out on the balcony as well.

The one’s on the balcony are star shaped solar lights which I either leave on the artificial grass (can’t grow grass on the balcony now can I, so obviously that was the best alternative as I really wanted a nice green spot in the house) or I hang them on the plants which gives a nice effect as well.

Dressing Table


If you have colored decorative lights that you probably got for a birthday and now have them stashed somewhere in the store room or some box. Take them out and put them up on your dressing table. I put them up on my daughter’s dressing table and they add just the right touch to the room.


If you have plain fairy lights they can work really well too.

String Light Jars


Put strings lights in a jar and create gorgeous little lamps that can be placed anywhere at all.

Black or white board


Put the lights around frames or chalk boards. I have a  chalk board in my kitchen which helps me stay organized. I list down whatever chores I have to get done or whatever I need to remind myself of, its super helpful. The back side is white which can be used with a board marker of course but I love the chalk board more.



If you have drapes in your room, you could add lights and make them look even lovelier. Trust me they will look really dreamy and magical.

Light Wall


Create a little wall out of lights outdoors. It would be perfect for garden parties, Bbq parties or even just to add some glamour to dull outdoor areas. Balconies also look stunning with these lights.

Bed Frames

Wrap them around your bed frame for that gorgeous dreamy effect or hang them over the bed frame.

Display pictures

Put these lights on a focal wall in your house where you would want to display your memorable photographs. The wire of the fairy lights make the perfect way to display your favorite photos. Get a little creative, there is always more than one way of displaying photos, the lights would just add a bit of magical touch to your memories.


I have my mind set on using a little more of these on the balcony outside my room. So all you lovely people out there, do let me know what you think of these ideas and also leave your own so that together we can create a little more magic.

Enjoy your Sunday!



5 thoughts on “Fairy Lights

  1. girlwitheverything says:

    I’ve always love fairy lights and I’ve seen it everywhere from tumblr to in store! I always wanted one for decoration but I just never know how to use it. Thanks for all this inspirations!

  2. Lisa Roe says:

    I love fairy lights, and all kind of lights! I bought some light clips for my Christmas cards. Now that the cards are taken down, I moved the string of clip lights to my office, added them to my gallery wall and I am using it to put up printable ideas and quotes to inspire my day.

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