Food Talk – Oreo Brownies

Who doesn’t love Oreo? I mean come on! You have to be a crazy person to not love Oreo. I may not be huge fan of Oreo cookies itself but boy! The kind of things you make with these yummy cookies is what intrigues me. I first fell in love with the ultimate oreo shake when I had it at Rendezvous Islamabad. It tasted soooo amazing!!! I used to drag my sister and friends with me there just to have the oreo shake. Nope! not ashamed at all! 😉 Now my kids love Oreo shake as much as I do. But anyway enough about the shake lol.
Moving on I came across this recipe sometime back and it is very very nice, I think you might just love it as much as i did. Let me give you a little history about my love for brownies. My Dad makes some really kick-ass  brownies and he used to make them every week. Which means that there was always something to look forward to each week, because there is nothing like fresh right out of the oven brownies. He pampered me so much before I got married, now I don’t get to spend so much time with him as I’m in a different country altogether but those days are as fresh as ever in my memory. People back in my country celebrated Father’s day on the 18th of June and it falls on the 21st here in UAE. Let your old man feel special because he IS very special! Cherish the time you have with your parents as that time never comes back.

Okay I’m clearly getting a little emotional so let’s move onto this Oreo version of the brownie. Get your notepads and note down what all you will need


Oreo cookies as required (set aside for later use)
Unsweetened chocolate 340grams
Unsalted butter 225grams
Melt the two together in microwave. Now add the following
Large eggs 6
Sugar 3 cups
All purpose flour 1 cup (sifted)
Vanilla Extract 2 Tbsp
Vinegar 1/2 teaspoon
Fold all the ingredients in gently using a spatula.

Now that you have this ready it would be a good idea to get your oven running so it’s nice and warm for baking. It has to be set at 180 degree celsius.

Now take a pan, grease it well, pour half of the brownie mixture over it and spread evenly. Now comes the fun part, take Oreo cookies and lay them over it. Add more brownie mixture and another layer of Oreo cookies but this time cut into halves.
It’s time for your pan to take its place inside the oven, bake for 28 to 30 minutes. Insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean, it means that your brownies are ready to be served/gobbled upon (Ahhh yes!)

Serve your brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you want. I like mine with a beautiful cup of tea. Your kids are going to kiss your hands and give you unlimited hugs and kisses for this one.

Enjoy yourselves!

Signing off
Sonya Ali


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