Dear Young lot!

Life seems pretty amazing when you see it from the eyes of a teenager, passing carefree college days, a slightly older lot joining university, hormones taking over kids who damn care about almost everything around. That carelessness, that freshness, that sense of self is something I am always attracted towards. It is very rare to find all this in mature people who stepped into their professional lives years ago and I think that’s the reason I can’t find any of it in official meetings, board rooms, office dining areas etc but in university cafes.  These cafes, the smoking spots, the corner benches of dark lengthy grounds depict a sense of a race, a marathon these kids are always running for. The ultimate Race to have an affair!


Ohhh my dear high school passionate, college kids, recently joined university fellows!  It is not right to run for the race to start an affair as soon as you step into the hustling bustling world of a college or university, just because others are doing it, you don’t have to, why do it just so you can be the topic of conversation for your classmates. Is it because you have to set the criteria to shine amongst your fellows?  Are you going to be better accepted if someone picks you up regularly for hangouts or because the trend is to have someone at all times for the sake of texting, for late night calls, and for day long chit chats over Snapchat and Whatsapp.?!

The right things come at the right time and wait for that right time because it will be worth it!


Save your charms, your passions, your emotions, the best of your feelings for someone worthy of them. Express what you feel for someone at that right time and for that one truly deserving soul. Don’t waste your precious words, your time, your soul on others who do not understand you. There will come a time and that time will bring with it the person you were waiting for all along. Because life with all its unpredictability and uncertainty will bring you toughest of the tides, and it will all seem easy if you will be surfing along-with your “One deserving”. In those difficult times, these charms, passions, emotions, expressions will help you remain calm, patient and come out stronger. The happiest couples existing tend to have this patience in their hard times.  We all need someone!


We let people exploit us because we are too careless about our own selves. There is an invisible line that you let someone cross, by doing that you are handing over, him/her the authority to exploit your love, your passion, your feelings for him/her. Take very good care and don’t let anyone breach that line without your consent. Care for yourself. It takes ages to recover, and it takes endless hours of thoughts and struggle to handle yourself, to learn to calm yourself down, to get yourself back on the track.


My dear ones, Be very selective. Be wise! For  your own sake!



by Raza Ahmed Sukhera

11 thoughts on “Dear Young lot!

  1. Haris says:

    Great advice to the teenagers and a great social message.Having an affair has now become a fashion in teenagers and it should be discouraged.Great work from the author.

  2. kiran siraj says:

    feels like the article is coming straight from the heart of the author.. This is one of the serious dillemmas our society is facing right now..if read n understood seriously this article can change the life of many young students..

  3. Sidra Ajmal says:

    A very strong and thought provoking message. Indeed a shortcut way to deal with restlessness 👌
    #One_deserving #valueyourself

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