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With the cool November breeze setting in, we decided to introduce you to someone who is warm and giving to set the mood and embrace the changing weather. He is a workaholic, a businessman, a radio jockey, a traveller, a thinker, an artist, a devoted father, a loving partner and what not! Its not easy to put an ordinary person with extra-ordinary qualites into words. Those of you who are familiar with the hashtag dreamticket know who we are talking about. He is a man of many talents…Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr.Zeeshan Arif.

Mr.Zeeshan took time out of his busy schedule to tell us about himself, his passion for life, and will be talking to us about #dreamticket in weeks to follow.

W&S: Tell us about yourself

Mr.Z:  Hi, I am Zeeshan Arif Siddiqui. I am 31, working for IT Department in a multinational telecom company in Islamabad. Gemini, hence hyper and energetic, a good multi-tasker. Recently completed my MBA Executive, doing CA, have a side business for hand-painted clothing, have another side business for target based marketing and selling for natural cosmetics from a Swedish multinational company, married with two kids, into sketching, oil painting, fabric painting, charcoals, soft pastels, playing keyboard, learning violin, swimming, horse riding – hyper, friendly, energetic, talkative and experimental. 

W&S: Where is home?

Mr.Z:  Home is in Islamabad, Pakistan – Home is where parents are. 

W&S: If you were to pick one moment that describes your entire past life, what would that be?

Mr.Z: One moment – perhaps when Allah blessed us with my beautiful little princess that we call PRINCESS GLOLO aka Aisha Zeeshan Siddiqui. That was December 4, 2014. Although she was our second born (after a son) but I have no clue how come my eyes were all welled up at that very moment when I held her up in my arms for the very first time. A treasure, a blessing – ALHAMDOLILLAH. Felt like I got rich all of a sudden. DAUGHTERS ARE LOVE!!!

W&S: Tell us about your childhood

Mr.Z: Being from an Army background, got posted to various cities of Pakistan – been to almost all the provinces. Studying in Army schools made me friendly and making friends with people quickly became easy, made me confident, and an attention seeker too. 

Used to be all over the stage in the school at allll occasions. Was not mischievous at all, friendly to new comers in the class, apple of my teachers’ eyes and never argued with parents either. Was born after 2 sisters so used to play with them, their games. Was friends with all classmates. . Used to play in the street with alllll the kids in the street in the afternoon, was good at studies too. Made my parents proud ALHAMDOLILLAH. Used to sing at school, and act and play and encouraged everybody else around me to do the same.

A young, energetic, hyper childhood that I absolutely treasure!

W&S: What kind of a student were you? What kind of grades did your parents always expect from you?

Mr.Z: Parents were always strict when it came to grades. But specifically talking about my mom, she has worked really hard on all 4 of us. I used to be among the top 3 if not first (which occurred a very few times). I never studied for a bright future,  but to please my mom since she worked really hard on us.

W&S: Most memorable childhood memory?

Mr.Z: When our younger brother was born – who is 7 years younger than me – and while on our way back from school when the batman (helper) told us we now have a brother. Spontaneously at that very instant I entered into a bet with him worth Rs. 100 that he is joking. J

We did not have the concept that there can be another addition to my siblings. We always thought  that it would just be 3 of us forever. So when we returned home, my Grandma broke the news, and ended up paying him Rs. 100/- since he won the bet. lol

W&S: You are known amongst your friends as?

Mr.Z: “You make things sound so simple” is one comment I generally get. ALHAMDOLILLAH. Sometimes people think I can find a way to make difficult things easy for them. Sometimes they think I can help them solve their problems (be it related to married life, job, studies, office politics or generally the lost faith in prayers)
Some people think I have a lot of links and a big social circle so I can help them with anything they want as I would be able to find a suitable person from my facebook friends who can be of assistance to them.

W&S: You are sentimental about?

Mr.Z: LOVE. I don’t know since when did I establish this but I want everybody around to love me, which is why I am ready to do anything for others. Help them, serve them, at times kill my ego too, but I want everybody to love me.

W&S: As a child, you grew up wanting to be?

Mr.Z: A commercial pilot (which is not very much common) but I don’t even know when I did my F.Sc and why I didn’t even apply for it. After I completed F.Sc I wanted to join NCA but somehow my parents didn’t let me. And it would be pertinent to mention here that while I was in grade 12 I scored All Pakistan 1st Position in Sketching and All Pakistan 2nd Position in Calligraphy, conducted by the Federal Board. But still I was unable to convince them that artists can earn a good lifestyle too.  

W&S: Favorite cuisine?

Mr.Z: Im a fast food lover and I “CLAIM” to be the “BIGGEST KFC FAN IN PAKISTAN”.


W&S: Qualities you look for in people?

Mr.Z: An amazing sense of humour – and that’s it. I don’t need education, I don’t need class, style, job, age or anything else. (I don’t even enjoy comedy movies since I feel they are unable to make me laugh). So people with a very smart sense of humour are the ones I pick the most. If a person cannot make me smile he is most definitely not staying for a very long time around me.

W&S: Would you call yourself an introvert or extrovert?

Mr.Z: I talk a lot so people would perhaps judge me as an extrovert. But I don’t generally tell people how I feel about things. I keep my stuff to my imaginary world and I enjoy details in my imagination.

W&S: What do you do in your free time?

Mr.Z: I talk! 

W&S: Favorite vacation spot?

Mr.Z: There is no one spot that I can call my favourite. Perhaps it depends on the company. Murree for now since many years as I love wandering on the main Mall Road. For food I love Lahore. Recently got a chance to visit a bit of Europe, loved Amsterdam.


W&S: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart?

Mr.Z: People keep telling me that they don’t even recognize me in my different photos. They think perhaps its different people who don’t even look alike. But since recent years facial hair is my signature look and a thick beard and thick moustaches perhaps set me apart.

W&S: Your favorite song of all time?

Mr.Z: Aa bhi ja from the Bollywood movie Surr has been my favourite since many years both with regards to the melody and the lyrics. Touched me back then, touch me to date too.

W&S: What did you grow up listening to?

Mr.Z: Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, Junoon, Vital Signs, Awaz, Fringe Benefits, Heptones, Whitney Houston, Enrique Iglesias, ABBA, Ace of Base and a bit of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

W&S: Your favorite movie of all time?

Mr.Z: If Only (a sweet romantic movie) – A must must must see.


W&S:How long have you had your beard and would you be willing to shave it off for a million dollars?

Mr.Z: The beard is with me for about 3 years now and definitely I would shave it off for even half a million. Lol People tell me I look younger when I have a clean shaven face.

W&S: What’s your take on selfies?

Mr.Z: People who don’t take selfies are the ones who do not easily accept change. I believe we have to move on in life with time, accepting changes and enjoying every bit of it as it happens. Things change, people change and even times change. One should be able to stay HAPPY “INTENTIONALLY” and I believe this is a way to go about it. I am a selfie freak – probably take at least one daily. 


W&S:What do you think is vastly overrated?

Mr.Z: Switzerland – lol. People might not believe me but trust me it is. You’ll know it when you get there, since as far the sceneries, and beautiful landscapes are concerned its “THE SAME” as Pakistan, not better if not less. 

W&S: Most memorable moment during your journey?

Mr.Z: Most memorable would be the Lights and Fireworks show that starts at 8:30 pm every day at the main (pink) Sleeping Beauty Castle at DisneyLand Park Paris. The mesmerizing 20 minutes that brings your entire childhood in front of you, gives you Goosebumps, brings tears to your eyes with happiness and an extempore that I was uttering time and again for Allah blessed me this opportunity to save enough and goto this magical place and experience my childhood dream.

W&S: What is that one thing you wish you had designed?

Mr.Z: The beautiful and magnificent Tower of Pisa. 

W&S: How long have you been associated with Zong?

Mr.Z: Joined in April 2012, so it’s like 4 and a half years now.

W&S: Tell us about being a Radio jockey.

Mr. Z: Radio is something like I never actually planned on doing, despite being told a lot many times by a lot many people that I SHOULD since I love to talk a lot and since I am very fond of keeping my company into me whenever I am around, but honestly, had a phase in life when I was down and wanted to keep myself busy. That is when I started the hand painted clothing business, MBA Executive along with a full time job and my regular live morning shows at Power 99 FM before work. I used to go there from 7am to 9am and then to my regular workplace at 9am. Used to keep me extreeeeeemely busy and tired at the end of the day but perhaps that is the best remedy when someone is down. You don’t get to focus much on the office politics.


 W&S: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Mr.ZI’m sooo blank when it comes to this question =/ I don’t want to think about it but if the current scenario remains the same or at least similar, I would be working in ZonG. And FM 101 too..would be having a 3rd kiddo insha Allah. Would be excelling a bit with Aesthetics (the side business for hand painted clothing) might have done another degree too by then, probably MS or something, I plan on completing my CA too and will be buying another car..insha Allah.


Mr.Zeeshan will be talking to us in weeks to come about his passion for traveling, all the places he has visited and of course #dreamticket.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Mr.Z!

  1. Ali Arslan Malik says:

    He is a true inspiration, such a talented and hardworking individual. He possesses a perfect mix of knowledge, skills, and attitude. I truly appluad him.

  2. Akhan says:

    U r such an inspiration for me 🗣dear..multi talented👌.you seem like a guy who is young at their 60’s 😍rather than that old at their 18.i like the reason you give for selfies😎 i am selfie freak too.frnds around teasing me why you take selfies too much and they presents their irrational theories.

  3. Arslan Malik says:

    He is a true inspiration, such a talented and hardworking individual. He possesses a perfect mix of knowledge, skills, and attitude. I truly appluad him.

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