Wednesday for me!

Hi my angels!
Hope you are doing great and living life to its fullest!
Wednesday turned out to be all about makeup. I went out for some shopping and of course no shopping is complete for women till they get their hands on some makeup on their way home 🙂 so yes!!! Got my hands on some lipsticks, lip liners and some eye shades, bobby pins (the more the better), conditioner and a toner. So yes when I got home, I laid out my stuff of course, and decided to give my makeup tools a good cleaning. That led me to sort and organize my makeup, I’m a complete pain when it comes to organizing and sorting stuff as I’m very particular about small details. I believe that the more organized you are, the more stress free you feel when getting ready. Cleaning turned out to be great and also made me realize how many mascaras I have. I love mascara’s! They help create dramatic eyes even on days when you don’t want too much on your face, mascara does the trick. I’m blessed to have naturally long eyelashes so of course a good mascara is very important!

I’m very happy with my makeup station right now. I would love to know what is that one makeup product you absolutely swear by. It’s always good to hear from you.


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