Richard Gere!

Richard Gere and his grey haired sexiness needs no introduction. Come on! I know you ladies still swoon at the mere sight of him. He is pure class with a dash of easy humility and particularly nuanced piano skills (remember that steamy scene from Pretty Woman where Gere belted out some of the most hauntingly romantic tunes?) Reportedly, the tunes were penned by him! What’s even more flummoxing – often to a line of exasperated husbands and boyfriends – is how Gere still manages to steal our hearts all these years later.

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Our darling silver fox isn’t going anywhere (thank God!), but we, for one, cannot resist naming the ten thousand and one reasons why we love him. For convenience though, we shall settle for three:

  • His Stellar Acting

Richard Gere possesses an enviable repertoire of acting chops that could put Hollywood newbies to shame. Starring in such modern-day classics such as Pretty Woman, An Officer and a Gentleman and Chicago, there is little Gere hasn’t done to convince us of his acting capabilities. His recent acclaimed hit Arbitrage also spoke volumes of his talent. He’s never won an Oscar but that hasn’t stopped from making him irrefutably outstanding.

  • He’s the Ultimate Silver Fox

Unlike several actors who bank on trying to look younger, Gere has never been that guy. He’s always been proud of flaunting those white tresses – and why shouldn’t he be? Pretty Woman (arguably Gere’s first leap into female hearts the world over) was over 26 years ago and Edward Lewis still made our hearts stop smack dead. Also, that smile? Those twinkling eyes? How much does the sisterhood adore thee, Gere – let me count out the ways!

  • For Starring in Pretty Woman

We’re sorry but we cannot get over this. List of Richard Gere’s best movies is incomplete without the mention of the one movie that catapulted him into the hall of fame, and made the movie the ultimate opposites-attract story. For that gorgeous scene where first he encounters Vivian (Julia Roberts) on a misty, red-light street, for that delightful chemistry and witty exchange of banters between two co-stars who clearly got on very well together; for that final urban metaphor of a knight on his horse when he comes rushing to meet Vivian with flowers between his teeth – we will always love thee, Edward Lewis.

  • The list is endless

How can we forget his ultimate dance moves in the highly entertaining “Shall We Dance” or the loving husband in “Unfaithful” or “Autumn in New York” where he falls for a much younger Winona Ryder. He has managed to steal our hearts with each and every one of his roles.




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