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We begin our interviews this month and first up is someone from the infinite world of photography. He is very passionate about his work and today he tells us all about it.

Meet Mr. Rizwan Gill, a photographer whose work speaks for itself and creates images that are emotional, edgy, original and capture a unique moment in time.


Let’s begin!
W&S: It’s often been said that mathematicians do their best work when they’re young, philosophers when old, and photographers…?

Mr. Rizwan: Photography and photographers do not have age limits and they are best at every stage of age with new innovative and interesting ideas to capture in their camera what they want to.

W&S: Tell us about yourself

Mr. Rizwan: I’m a Pakistani national, born 4th October 1989. I have done my BBA Hons in Marketing and currently working in the corporate sector. I started off with photography but then entered the world of videography and currently my focus is weddings and I must say I’m immensely enjoying myself.

W&S: Where is home?

Mr. Rizwan: For me Home is Family. Doesn’t matter where we are as long as I’m with my family. Home is located in the twin cities of Pakistan.  


W&S: What inspired you to be a photographer?

Mr. Rizwan: It’s a quite interesting and funny story actually. At first I was interested in modeling and because of my interest my photographer friend often clicked various shots of me. The final result seldom came out according to my expectations and I often picked out errors and faults in them from them being out of focus to wrong angles and well the list is endless. That’s what compelled me to learn more about cameras and use of different lenses etc. My research and interest led me to this wonderful field and then there was no stopping me. I wanted the pictures to be saved for my entire life and that’s why I started capturing moments for myself as well as for others. I challenged myself and went onto the journey of becoming better with every click.

W&S: If you were to pick one moment that describes your entire past life, what would that be?

Mr. Rizwan: One moment would be difficult to choose, I guess.

W&S: What do you specialize in?

Mr. Rizwan: I believe that there should not be a photographer who specializes only in one area only

W&S: What type of camera do you shoot with?

Mr. Rizwan: Canon 7 D and Canon 60 D

W&S: What lighting equipment you like working with?

Mr. Rizwan: It really depends on the location and the subject in case of lighting equipment. Sometimes it’s the daylight, sometimes the ambiance light and of course our own speed lights and LED’s.

W&S: Can you as a photographer relate to the importance of using Photoshop?

Mr. Rizwan: I do not relate photography with Photoshop because it takes the true essence and feel of a photo. What I believe is that a person should take a perfect picture using the camera and it should not require photoshop.



W&S: A website or blog you often visit?

Mr. Rizwan: Facebook and the good old google. I’m a simple guy (laughs)

W&S: A photographer who inspires you?

Mr. Rizwan: Joe McNally

W&S: How long have you been a photographer and did you go to school to study photography?

Mr. Rizwan: It’s been almost 7- 8 years that I have been photographing and I did not go to any school to study photography.


W&S: How do you deal with difficulties of the ever changing weather?

Mr. Rizwan: For me, if you really want to capture a memory or you really want to capture whatever the situation is, there is nothing that can stop you.

W&S: Each location can have many different stories so how do you decide what you want to craft out of it?

Mr. Rizwan: Whatever the location is there are always moments that can be captured and there is always a storyboard that can be made from beginning till the very end.

W&S: For people who want to get into photography, what kind of images do you want to see in their portfolio? How do you build to attract clients in this industry?

Mr. Rizwan: I would like to see photos that are able to portray a complete story and reveal its true essence and that’s what a client is attracted to.


W&S: How important is it today to diversify, to work with multiple clients, or do you work solely for yourself?

Mr. Rizwan: Diversification in today’s world is very important. You can get complete different stories from different clients.

W&S: Books that have inspired you?

Mr. Rizwan: I don’t really read much.

W&S: Your favorite song of all time?

Mr. Rizwan: Right here waiting for you by Richard Marx


W&S: Your favorite movie of all time?

Mr. Rizwan: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

W&S: Artists/photographers that inspire you?

Mr. Rizwan: Ray Rommans and Joe McNally

W&S: Your take on selfies?

Mr. Rizwan: I’m not a selfie fan and I really do not like to take selfies


W&S: What do you think is vastly overrated?

Mr. Rizwan: I think that would be Photoshop

W&S: You have many images that talk to this, you picture environments that feel very personal either to you or the subjects in the photos. The spaces seem emotionally invested, feel like part of a scenario. Is this something you work for?

Mr. Rizwan: Yes, that’s the main purpose of photography.


W&S: What is that one thing you wish you had designed?

Mr. Rizwan: That’s difficult to say, so many wonderful things out there. How about a camera, I have to admit that I would have loved to design a camera of some sort.

W&S: Any particular assignment you would have wanted to take up?

Mr. Rizwan: I just wanted to be a part of any feature film as a cameraman, DOP or in direction, as I love doing this.

W&S: What have you learned from your journey?

Mr. Rizwan: People out there and our society is very unpredictable. I had good and bad critics at the same time but obviously hard work, passion and honesty makes you and your work just amazing.


W&S: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Mr. Rizwan: I would like to see myself as a free teacher of photography where people who really are interested in learning can eventually learn and implement.

W&S: Lastly, if you could wish upon a star, what would you ask for?

Mr. Rizwan: World peace lol. No seriously I want everyone to live peacefully, there is so much pain, so much misery around the world that it breaks my heart. I wish people would accept each other and live in harmony.

W&S: Final words of inspiration for upcoming talent?

Mr. Rizwan: Work hard, have patience and just be yourself. No matter what, Just believe in yourself and your work.



Thank you very much!

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