An experience worth sharing..!


Shopping is an experience in itself. How it turns out to be depends a whole lot on stores and the way they deal with customers. Mostly, you come across salesmen with annoyed facial expressions, OK i get it, customers can be annoying at times but that’s where your expertise come in. I just had to share my experience from day before yesterday. I went shopping at a mall in Islamabad. I had my list of things and as I was scanning the stores looking for that perfect pair of shoes to go with my winter wardrobe, I ended up at the UK based brand Insignia. Of course it felt like any other store at first but then this salesman came towards me with decent, polite expressions and a way with words. He gave me a few minutes to scan through the store and meanwhile I believe that he was doing his job by assessing what I would like and voila! He brought forward 3 pairs and to my surprise I liked them all. The finish, the design, the look Ah! I fell in love 🙂 I tried them of course and then picked two of them, one in red and one in black. The salesmen seemed well versed in his job and treated me with utmost respect. Once I paid them and was ready to leave, the entire staff  came forward and thanked me in a delightful way! What a wonderful experience indeed! Highly recommended! 🙂
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